Youth Encouragement Pack – Recipients

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Wow, I have gotten some great nominations… Good Stuff… I am so happy that kids are enjoying their packs and I am so grateful for those that have helped.  You will need a list of all the sponsors at the bottom of this first set of pictures.

My sons name is Cael Bingham. He is 6 years old and has been shooting on his own since he was 4.5 years old. He had an amazing year this year. He loves hunting and fishing and we both cant wait until next season. Please find attached pictures. He was lucky enough to draw a state land antelope tag near Santa Rosa and put one heck of a shot on the antelope with his .243. The whitetail is from sonora, tx, and he killed the cow Jan 2nd near capitan,nm on some private land.. Thanks, its nice to know there are folks out there still that dedicate there time to helping out these kids.

Nate B.







People and Sponsors that have made all of this possible include: KUIU, Hoyt, Easton Archery, The New Mexico Wildlife Federation for free memberships, Backcountry Hunters and Anglers for free memberships, Outback Outdoors for the Full Draw DVD’s, Solid Broadheads, Pure Elevation for DVD ‘s, Retired Paws for the survival bracelets, Bill Gorman for the key chains, Sports Accessories from Las Cruces, NM for preferred pricing on the hats, Al Quackenbush for the Logo, The Outdoorsman of AZ, and Wilderness Athlete. We also have had a ton of private donors that helped made all of this possible.

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