Transferable Sheep Tag???

WHAT TRANSFERABLE SHEEP TAGS????? Yes you heard it right…  Hmm…  I have been talking to some people at the Dept of Game and Fish and there is a ton of information swirling about this… My head is still spinning.  It is on the next agenda meeting and it might happen.  The issue is that these would be the sheep tags that are on private property… Basically, places like the Turner Ranches.   IMO, the issue is that 5 tags may go to non-residents for everyone tag that residents get.  This is based on the fact that the transferable tags will probably go to NR and that the Sheep don’t follow the same quota system as the elk, deer, etc…

SOO This will give us one tag that we don’t currently have access to but is it setting a DANGEROUS precedent so these transferable sheep tags end up like the elk and antelope LO tags??  I am not sure but we need to stay on top of this…





University of New Mexico Continuing Education Conference Center – Room C
1634 University Blvd. NE
(Just North of Indian School Road)
Albuquerque, NM 87131
Thursday, December 15, 2011
9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Public testimony and comment: All those interested in providing oral comments are encouraged to prepare a “Speaker’sCard” for each item on which they will comment. These cards assist the Commission Chair to manage more effective public communication. Comments will be allowed on each item, regardless of card completion.
Those who desire to address the Commission and who claim to represent an organization must provide the following information: The number of members in the organization, frequency of the organization’s meeting and either a signed statement from that organization’s president that states the organization has discussed the topic and approved the position that therepresentative is presenting, or proof that they are a registered lobbyist for the organization.

AGENDA ITEM NO. 1: Meeting Called to Order.

AGENDA ITEM NO. 2: Roll Call.

AGENDA ITEM NO. 3: Approval of Agenda.

AGENDA ITEM NO. 4: Introduction of Guests.

AGENDA ITEM NO. 5: Approval of Minutes (November 3, 2011 –Farmington, NM).

AGENDA ITEM NO. 6: Revocations.
Presented by Dan Brooks – The Department will present a list of individuals to the Commission that meet established criteria for revocation of hunting, fishing and trapping license privileges.

AGENDA ITEM NO. 7: Final Proposed Amendments to the Upland Game Rule to Align with Statutory Changes from Senate Bill 196.
Presented by Alexa Sandoval – The Department will present final proposed amendments to a specific section of the UplandGame Rule A, NMAC, to ensure alignment with current law regarding license types. In addition, the Department will recommend removing the requirement that grouse hunters obtain a free Blue Grouse permit. (Action item)

AGENDA ITEM NO. 8: Final Proposed Amendments to Fisheries Rule to Address Northern Pike in Eagle Nest Lake.Presented by Mike Sloane – The Department will present final proposed amendments to the Fisheries Rule (19.31.4 NMAC) to address the potential risk Northern Pike represent to the trout fishery in Eagle Nest Lake. (Action item)

AGENDA ITEM NO. 9: Proposed Bighorn Sheep Hunting Agreements with Owners of Private Lands in Bighorn SheepRange.
Presented by Darrel Weybright – The Department will present draft agreements to access private lands in the Fra Cristobal and Culebras mountains to hunt bighorn in 2012. These agreements would allow the Department to offer first the public hunting opportunities for bighorn sheep on private land. (Discussion item)

AGENDA ITEM NO. 10: Final Proposed Amendments to the Elk Rule and the Hunting and Fishing License Application Rule to Modify Eligibility Requirements for Youth Encouragement Elk Hunts.

Presented by Darrel Weybright – The Department will present final proposed amendments to a specific section of the Elk Rule ( E (1), NMAC), and a specific section of the Hunting and Fishing License Application Rule ( P, NMAC), to expand the eligibility requirements for youth interested in applying for Youth Encouragement Elk Hunts. (Action item)

AGENDA ITEM NO. 11: Discussion of Options for the Future Allocation of Habitat Stamp Funds.
Presented by Ken Cunningham – The Department will present various options to consider for the future allocation of Habitat Stamp Program funds and seek Commission input and guidance on desired process to finalize a new allocation system.
(Discussion Item)

AGENDA ITEM NO. 12: Update on H Bar V Conservation Easement
Presented by R.J. Kirkpatrick – The Department will provide an update on the potential purchase of a Conservation Easement on the H Bar V Ranch using conservation easement funding available through a legislative appropriation to the Energy, Minerals, and Natural Resources Department, and federal funds from the State Wildlife Grant Program.

AGENDA ITEM NO. 13: General Public Comments (Comments Limited to 3 Minutes).

AGENDA ITEM NO. 14: Adjourn.
NOTE: The meeting will be adjourned upon completion of the agenda or up to those items that time allows. Any items not discussed will be on the following meeting’s agenda.
The Agenda is subject to change up to 24 hours prior to the scheduled meeting date and time as deemed necessary by the Chairman. To inquire about agenda changes, please contact the Office of the Director at (505) 476-8008.
If you are an individual with a disability who is in need of a reader, amplifier, qualified sign language interpreter, or any other form of auxiliary aid or service to attend or participate in the hearing or meeting, please contact Ms. Sonya Quintana at (505)
476-8029 at least 3 working days before the meeting date. Public documents, including the Agenda and Minutes can be provided in various accessible forms. Please contact Ms. Quintana if a summary or other type of accessible form is needed.