Trail Cam Pictures!!!!

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Yeah yeah… I know it has been awhile since I posted some trail camera pictures but things have been pretty sparse out there….  I am having a hard time figuring out deer in Unit 24.  I have found a few good trails, saddles and funnels but the deer have stopped moving…  They don’t need to, there is water everywhere.  People talk about how dry it is and how we haven’t had rain but if they really got out and looked they will see that there is water in just about every canyon.  Maybe not a huge pond but there are little springs that are holding water.  Anyway.. Here are a few pictures…


How about a nice little Coues Deer Buck?

Little Buck

How about a Jason?

A Jason

How about a Turkey?


How about a floppy earned Mule deer doe?


How about a highcountry STINK PIG???


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