Things are picking up!!!!

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Things are starting to pick-up!!!  I wanted to see if I could find some Coues Deer in some lower country so I strapped on my boots and went for a little hike… My GPS said I covered 4.2 miles but it was in pretty flat country so it wasn’t too bad.

The picture below is from a little area that gets very little sun, it is in a deep canyon.  I have seen deer in here before but for some reason there was very little sign.  Maybe a Mountain Lion moved in, I am not sure but those deer are GONE – GONE, not just gone..


SOOOO  I bailed out of that area and decided to hit a spot in the Black Range.  Let me first say that there are spots in the Black Range that has never seen a human footprint.  It is rough BIG Country and no matter were you start walk everything is STRAIGHT up or STRAIGHT down.  I personally think that there are deer in there that die of OLD AGE.  It is great country but it is just very tough to hunt.  I have seen deer but I can’t figure out where or if they scrape.  I think it would be a nice area for a rifle hunter.  Anyway, below are a few pictures.




Okay so enough of that stuff!!!! How about some deer info???  Well, deer are starting to make rub lines, if you have never seen a rub line below is a picture of what they look like.  Pretty small, aren’t they?


NOW have about some scrapes…  The particular scrape below wasn’t hit in the last day or so it probably isn’t a primary scrape but it is along a nice trail.  In two trips into that area I have found a total of 5 scrapes and they are all in the same general area.  So there definitely a buck working in the area.  SNC00097

While hiking around I also found this nice skull.  I took some pictures, then wrapped in a plastic bag so I could pick it up legally after the season.  It probably goes around a 100 inches…  NICE…


There is another area that I scouted all summer that I am still thinking about hunting but the only problem is that there is alot of snow up there and we are expecting a foot of snow tonight…  I still might try to make it up there but it is a huge commitment to get in there…45 Minute Drive, 1 hour on the 4 Wheeler and then 30 Minutes hiking….


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