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Access to the Valles Caldera???

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To some this might be old news but I just wanted to bring in up…. I pulled this from the AP today.

JEMEZ SPRINGS, N.M. — The push is being renewed to transfer management of the Valles Caldera National Preserve in northern New Mexico to the National Park Service.

U.S. Sens. Jeff Bingaman and Tom Udall introduced legislation Thursday that directs the Park Service to take over management of the preserve in a way that protects the area’s natural and cultural resources.

The two New Mexico Democrats say hunting, fishing and cattle grazing would be permitted under the bill. The measure also ensures access by area tribes.

The senators first introduced the legislation last year.

The federal government bought the 89,000-acre former cattle ranch in 2000. A nine-member board currently runs the preserve with a mandate of protecting the land, providing recreation while also allowing cattle grazing and making the preserve financially self-sustaining by 2015.

This could be a good thing…  As many of you know in Valles Caldera it is all about the money, you have to pay for everything.  Not only do you have to pay for everything you just can’t show up and hunt or fish or even hike.  The original idea was that if the state was going to purchase all this land that it should be self-sustaining.  Well, that is a great idea it just isn’t’ going to happen.  So basically, we have paid for and are paying something that we have very limited access to.  This transfer of management would basically give us more access to the Caldera and it wouldn’t require the Valles Calder to be self-sustaining.