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In this Episode”

  • Long Range Shooting Tip
  • Wilderness Athlete Tips
  • NMWF BOD Elections
  • Deer Issues in Silver City NM
  • Elk Scouting

Once again thanks for everything…

Comments Off on Deer Issues in Silver City!!! Possible Hunt

Okay Guys and Gals…
If you remember a few years ago I reported on the meetings that were being held in Silver City about the number of deer complaints that were being received by the Game and Fish Dept. Well, it looks like things are finally starting to happen, during the next Game and Fish Commission meeting a Management Proposal is going to be presented. I have attached the PDF and it looks OK. My only issue is that there are left-over archery tags left over as is so how are they going to fill these antler-less tags?

I am going to try and make the next meeting but NO PROMISES!!!

Below is summary:
Summary of Agenda Item: Department will provide the Commission with a presentation of the draft deer management proposal for the current situation of excessive deer numbers in and around Silver City and neighboring communities. The draft proposal includes options for resolving some of the issues by trap and transplant operations, utilization of departmental kill permits and antlerless archery and crossbow hunts. The overall goal is to reduce deer densities in and around the Silver City area.