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Desert Bighorn Skull Auction!!!!!

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SANTA FE – Eight desert bighorn sheep skulls and horns that were recovered from ranges in southern New Mexico go up for sale this week in a silent auction at the Department of Game and Fish office in Santa Fe and at Bob Gerding’s Hunting & Fishing Show in Albuquerque.


The skulls, six rams and two ewes, became available for sale in November 2011 when the State Game Commission removed desert bighorn sheep from the state threatened and endangered species list. Protected game animals and their skulls are the property of the state. Proceeds from the auctions will be used to augment the Department’s bighorn sheep restoration program.


Those interested in bidding on the skulls and horns can see them and make a bid Wednesday and Thursday at the Department office at 1 Wildlife Way off Caja del Rio Road next to the Marty Sanchez Golf Course. Friday through Sunday, the skulls will be at the Gerding Show at the Manuel Lujan Building at Expo New Mexico, the state fairgrounds. Admission to the show is $8 for adults and free to children ages 11 and younger.


Bidding for the first four skulls will close at 4:30 p.m. Saturday and bidding for the remaining skulls will close at 3:30 p.m. Sunday. Winning bidders will be able to pick up their skulls and pay for them Feb. 13-17 at Department offices in Santa Fe or Albuquerque

Almost Time.. Scouting Vid

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DANG…. I hate snow….



2011 Events!!!

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Okay Everybody…

Time to get serious and get all of this stuff written down…  I have been thinking about goals and where I want to be by the time hunting seasons roll around and I just don’t know.  I don’t feel like I have a solid baseline.  I reviewed some goals that I had like the ability to Single-Dumbbell Curl 45lbs 6 times and I have already achieved that.  I also wanted to be able to run solid 12 minute miles for at least an hour… Well, I am doing that…  I could re-goal and I probably will do that but I want to take a different approach to things.  When I am on the mountain I always consider a successful day if two things happen.  I show up and if I could survive if I had to.

I am going to take that approach with my training.  I am going to list a few events that I want to show up for in 2011 and I hope I survive.

  • Las Cruces Half-Marathon with my niece Adrianna
  • Warrior Dash – Location to be determined
  • NM Big-game hunts – depends on tags drawn
  • Solo-Backcountry Turkey Hunt/Scouting Trip
  • Solo-Backcountry Coues Deer in AZ

So…Those are my “events” for this year…. Stay tuned…