Draining of Lake Roberts

This should be a good thing.. ————————— New Mexico Department of Game and Fish Media contact: Dan Williams, (505) 476-8004 Public contact: (505) 476-8000 dan.williams@state.nm.us FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE, JULY 30, 2013: Lake Roberts dam improvement project to begin soon SILVER CITY – A project to improve the dam and spillway… Continue reading

2 Blade Broadhead Review

How about a quick 2 Blade Broadhead Review??

Hunt Act!!! This is important

Hello Everybody… You know I don’t get too political but this HUNT Act is important… Please call your Representative and be heard…

16B Scouting Pictures!

Hey Everybody… How about some 16B Elk and Bear Scouting Pictures?  These are all public land..  There are a few more bear pictures that you can see on my Facebook Page if you are interested… Facebook Link       HOW ABOUT SOME BEARS!!!    

Backdoor Results!!!!

About the backdoor draw results… I just talk to the Dept and they wouldn’t deny that there might be some correlation to the refunds or no-refunds in drawing they said that NOTHING has been audited or even verified and what you are seeing is only a representation of the what… Continue reading

Attack on Trapping!!!

Okay.. We need to track this… I don’t want to start any fist fights or even fist pumps but this is somethinig you might want to attend if you are a sportsman.  You guys know that I don’t trap but I believe it is an essential management tool…  This group… Continue reading

My New Intro for my Videos

Well,  thanks to the birthday present from my in-laws, I got a new video editing package… SOOOO I am going to try some new stuff.. Here is the first draft of my New Introduction..  

Silver City Deer Info: Meeting 2/28/2012

Sorry I have been such a slacker on this deal… It looks like we are getting one step closer in helping manage the deer population in Silver City…  I have posted the proposal before but if you want to see it again follow this LINK. Also one of the cool… Continue reading