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NM Fishing Reports

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This fishing report, provided by the Department of Game and Fish, has been generated from the best information available from area officers, anglers, guides and local businesses. Conditions may vary as stream, lake and weather conditions alter fish and angler activities.




Animas RiverThe flow is 359 cfs. Fishing is good for trout above Cedar Hill using various bead-headed nymphs, spinners and worms. Please respect private property when fishing in this area.

Chama River – Upper section flow is 75 cfs. Below El Vado Lake, the flow is 388 cfs and the flow below Abiquiu Lake is 391 cfs. The upper Chama flowing downstream to the village of Chama and into El Vado reservoir is slow to fair for trout with all methods reported working. Special Kokanee Salmon Snagging Season Oct. 1 – Dec. 31 – Chama River from El Vado Lake to west boundary of Rio Chama Wildlife and Fishing Area. The river below El Vado is fishing good to excellent. All methods are catching fish. Brown trout are reported being landed using black and gold Panther Martins. Below Abiquiu Lake, fishing is reported as fair to slow using Power Bait, worms and spinners.The river has been stocked with 1,144 rainbows.

San Juan RiverUpper section – catch and release flow is 322 cfs.The release has been reduced so the Department of Game and Fish can proceed with some sediment remediation and habitat improvements to the upper river. The affected area from above Texas Hole to the upper braids was expected to be reopened to anglers the afternoon of Nov. 29. Check with Navajo Lake State Park, (505) 632-2278, for current information. Expect good midge fishing and midge hatches during the mornings and good blue winged olive hatches in the afternoons. In the mornings, use a red midge larva as your point fly and trail a size 24-26 black or gray midge pupa. As the afternoon progresses, change your flies to baetis, such as a gray or chocolate RS2 or foam wing emerger. The river was stocked below the quality waters with 2,106 rainbow trout.

Abiquiu Lake – Special Kokanee Salmon Snagging Season Oct. 1 – Dec. 31. Fishing is slow for all species including walleye with smaller-sized fish being caught. No report on salmon or other species.

El Vado Lake – Trout fishing is reported as slow to fair with better reports from the Chama River inlet and the dam. Fish are being landed with worms, salmon eggs, Power Bait and spinners. The main boat ramp is open but the primitive ramps are closed due to low water. Special Kokanee Salmon Snagging Season Oct. 1 – Dec. 31. Salmon snagging slowed down and is reported as a done deal for the season.

Heron Lake Special Kokanee Salmon Snagging Season Oct. 1 – Dec. 31. Bait fishing is good to excellent for lots of 12- to 16-inch rainbows using salmon eggs at the boat ramps. Salmon snagging is very slow. No report on lake trout.

Jackson Lake Trout fishing is reported as fair using Power Bait, salmon eggs and worms from shore.

Lake FarmingtonTrout fishing is reported as good using Power Bait, salmon eggs and worms. Best success is reported close to the dam.

Morgan Lake – No report

Navajo Lake – Special Kokanee Salmon Snagging Season Oct. 1 – Dec. 31. Salmon snagging is reported as poor. The fish are too soft. Trout fishing is reported as fair to good from the dam using spinners and streamers..




Cimarron River – The flow below Eagle Nest Dam is 4.6 cfs and 4.5 cfs near Cimarron. Check the flows before you go. Releases below 25 cfs make for slow fishing. If the release doesn’t go back up, wait until spring next year to fly fish.

Costilla Creek – The flow is 18 cfs near the town of Costilla. Fishing is reported as slow below the Valle Vidal boundary; water levels are very low and fish are spooky.

Red River – Flows are 15 cfs near Questa and 40 cfs below the hatchery. Fishing for trout is reported as fair to good with better fishing on the lower stretches. Fish are being caught and all methods working.

Rio Grande– Flows are 386 cfs near Cerro and 551 cfs below the Taos Junction Bridge. Water levels are still a bit high and fishing is reported as slow to fair. Trout still seem to prefer the faster aerated water. Nymph the pocket water or strip streamers for browns. Cover the deeper slower runs for the bass with streamers or crayfish patterns.

Rio Hondo – The flow is 12 cfs. Trout fishing is reported as slow. Best bet is to fish at and above the confluence with the Rio Grande.

Rio Pueblo The flow is 14 cfs. No report.

Charette Lakes – The lake has closed for the season and will reopen next spring.

Clayton Lake – The lake has closed for the season and will reopen next spring.

Eagle Nest Lake – The lake was half-covered with ice Monday and was expected to be completely covered after this weekend’s storm. It is closed to boats for the winter. Fishing continues to be good from the bank where there is open water. The perch are reported as good on worms. Trout fishing is good using Power Bait. Pike fishing is reported as good with larger lures and baits. Salmon snagging is slow.

Lake Alice and Lake Maloya – Fishing is good on Lake Maloya for trout. Fish are being landed using Power Bait and salmon eggs from shore. Fly fishing is reported as good in the early mornings and late evenings.

Maxwell Lakes – The lake has closed for the season and will reopen next spring.

Shuree Ponds No report.

Springer Lakes – No report. Springer Lake is closed to ice fishing.


West-Central, including the Jemez Mountains


Jemez River, East Fork, Guadalupe and San AntonioFlow on the Jemez River is 20 cfs. Water levels are up and the stream is running a bit murky. Fishing is fair to slow for trout ranging from 10 to 12 inches. The East Fork and The San Antonio still remain slow due to the conditions left by the fire. The Cebolla and the Rio de las Vacas/Guadalupe watershed continue to be good choices for anglers to catch fish. All methods are reported working.

Metro DrainagesThe drainages were stocked last week. Albuquerque was stocked with 101 triploid rainbow trout; Belen with 201; Bernalillo 80 and Corrales with 121. Fishing is reported as fair with most methods catching fish.

Bluewater Lake – Fishing for trout is reported as fair. Winter hours apply: 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Some anglers are reporting success with most methods working. Catfish are reported as fair with using stink baits and chicken liver.

Cochiti Lake – No report. The only boats reported were sail boats. The lake is closed for the season along the Tetilla Peak side. The upper lake is also closed above the Tetilla boat ramp due to a log boom in place on the lake.

Fenton Lake – Fishing for trout is reported as fair to good with worms and Power Bait. Ice has formed along the edges of the lake by the dam, but there is still plenty of open water for fishing. The lake is closed to ice fishing.

Tingley BeachTrout fishing in the Tingley Beach Children’s and Central Ponds has been good. Best reports are from anglers using salmon eggs and Pistol Petes. The ponds were stocked with 1,400 triploid rainbow trout Nov. 22. Reports from fly-rod anglers at the South/Catch and Release Pond have been hit and miss. Success has been reported when using bunny leeches and black beetles.


East–Central, including the Pecos River


Coyote CreekThe flow is 2.4 cfs. No report.

Pecos River – The flow is 36 cfs. The upper river is slowing down quite a bit. Water temps have been in the high 30s in the morning and the fish are tight-lipped. Fish the afternoon hours, especially while the sun is on the water. The water is very clear and low so go with long leaders, fine tippets and a smaller fly. Some midges have been coming off. Nymphing with a dry dropper rig can end your slump if they aren’t coming up on your dry fly. Try flashback pheasant tails or a tungsten micro may fly.

Conchas Lake – No report due to holiday weekend.

Morphy Lake – The lake has closed for the season and will reopen next spring.

Santa Rosa Lake – No report.

Storrie Lake – Fishing is slow to fair for trout due to light traffic. Best reports when using Power Bait, cheese and worms.

Sumner Lake – Walleye are reported as fair. Fish are being caught in shallow water and off points and structure. The fish range from 14 to 20 inches and are hitting white shad lures. No reports for the trout stocked below the dam.

Ute Lake – The best fishing is from Ute Creek to the dam. Waleye are reported as fair to good using blades and spoons. Water temps are still in the 50s and fish are not schooling as usual. White bass are also being caught and reported as fair when using various blades and crank baits.




Gila River – The flow is 63 cfs and fishing is slow with the best success in the upper reaches of the river on the West, East and Middle forks.

Rio Grande– No report.

Bill Evans Lake – Fishing for trout is reported as fair with most methods working.

Caballo Lake – Fishing is slow. Water levels are very low. Best bet is below the diversion spillway on the Rio Grande at Percha State Park.Fishermen are catching a few white bass and black bass on the river; most walleye are too small to keep (less than 14 inches.

Elephant Butte Lake – Some white bass are reported being caught in 10 to 20 feet of water along the west shore. Anglers are having success with shiners, slabs and spinners. No report on striped bass. Catfish are report as good on the north end of the lake on trotlines baited with liver and stink bait. No report on other species.

Glenwood Ponds – Fishing is fair for trout when using Pistol Petes, worms and Power Bait.

Lake Roberts – Fishing is reported as good for catfish with liver and worms. Trout fishing is reported as slow with worms and Power Bait.

Quemado Lake – No report.




Rio Ruidoso – Flow is 0.28 cfs in town and 5.3 cfs at Hollywood. Fishing is reported as fair to good on the lower stretches of the river where the flows are a bit higher. Best bet is to fish the deeper holes were fish will be holding in the low water conditions.

Bonito Lake –The lake closes for the season Nov. 30.

Bottomless Lakes: No report. Waiting for results from golden algae testing.

Brantley Reservoir – There has been light pressure and no current report. A mandatory catch and release is in place at Brantley Lake because pesticides have been found in the fish. Do not keep or eat them.

Grindstone Reservoir – Fishing remains good for trout using worms, Power Bait and Pistol Petes. Best times to fish are from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

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I pulled this from the Silver City News…. It looks like the Commision is starting to feel the heat..


State Game Commission approves new rules

Sun News Report

Posted: 07/15/2010 10:30:16 PM MDT

SILVER CITY – Meeting for nearly nine hours last Thursday in Silver City, the State Game Commission approved new rules for elk and several other big game species, extended the popular Habitat Stamp program and voiced support for a plan to simplify hunting, fishing and trapping licenses and stamps.

Also, youth and adult hunters who missed a shot at a big-game hunting license during this year’s annual drawing will have another chance this August when the Department of Game and Fish puts more than 5,000 deer, elk and javelina licenses up for sale on the agency Web site.

Some sportsmen in Silver City may have shied away from speaking at the meeting after watching members of the commission challenge the testimony of hunters who came to the microphone.

Larry McDaniel, a Silver City veterinarian, went to the podium thinking he had three minutes to talk. Instead, his testimony was interrupted several times by Chairman Jim McClintic, his facts were disputed and his ideas were contested.

McDaniel started off his testimony in jest, saying he hadn’t drawn an elk tag in several years and that he thought his chances might improve if he moved to El Paso, Texas, and applied as a non-resident. He encouraged the commission to bring New Mexico more in line with other western states, citing our liberal nonresident quota (22 percent) as a major concern.

“But the big kahuna is the over 40 percent (of elk tags) that go to private landowners,” McDaniel said.

McClintic interrupted, saying, “That’s not an accurate number, sir.”

NMDGF Assistant Director Pat Block said 40 percent was a little high.

“I believe that’s a little bit on the high side,” Block told the commission. “When you look at the licenses (that are sold through E-PLUS), it’s about a third; when you look at the total number authorized, it does get closer to that 40 but it’s probably on the high side. Over the last 10 years, it’s never hit 40 percent, with either measure.”

The New Mexico Wildlife Federation said department figures show that E-PLUS landowners have received more than 40 percent of the licenses each of the last three years – licenses that the landowner can transfer or resell. For the 2009-10 license year, the department gave E-PLUS landowners 18,846 authorizations (45.8 percent) while putting 22,294 licenses (54.2 percent) in the Big Game Draw.

Of the 18,846 authorizations given to E-PLUS landowners, only 10,974 were used, which left 7,872 licenses unsold. That translates to lost revenue for the Department of Game and Fish and lost opportunity for New Mexico resident hunters.

After McDaniel’s testimony, which resulted in a heated argument with McClintic, McDaniel told the NMWF that he was surprised by the treatment he received and that he called Gov. Bill Richardson’s Office of Boards and Commissions to lodge a complaint against McClintic.

“I felt like I was treated rudely,” McDaniel said. “I was interrupted repeatedly. I thought it was bizarre. I was expecting them to take what I said into consideration and say, ‘OK, we’ve heard you and we’ll consider your comments.’ I was just surprised by the whole thing.”

The Commission approved several broad changes for big game rules, including extending legal hunting hours to 30 minutes after sunset, and allowing crossbows in hunts open to all other weapon types. The NMWF also commended the department for actively seeking sportsmen’s comments on the proposals and providing a 60-day comment period. The Habitat Stamp program was extended for another 10 years, and a proposal was brought forth to allow a simpler license and stamp system.

In reference to the online sales of deer, elk and javelina licenses, they will be on a first-come, first-served basis, and will be conducted in two parts on different days. The first sale will be Aug. 4 for elk licenses reserved only for youths younger than age 18. The second sale will be Aug. 11 for deer and javelina hunts available to youth and adults. Both sales will begin at 10 a.m.