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I pulled this from out local paper.. Great Job Guys…



National Archery in Schools Program is coming to Cobre Consolidated School District.


Posted: 06/11/2010 01:00:00 AM MDT

BAYARD — The Cobre Consolidated School District will bring the National Archery in Schools Program to its students next school year. According to superintendent Dane Kennon, he is always looking for anything to keep kids involved whether its academics, athletics or something else.

“Sometimes traditional sports don’t reach all the kids,” Kennon said. “This program is fantastic because archery is a lifelong sport. It’s an activity that these participants will be able to take with them past graduation. They can do it now and when they are old.”

Antonio Jacquez and Heather Robinson decided to pitch this program to Kennon, and he liked the idea of getting it started.

“With programs that were lost in our district, I was just thinking of ways to keep money in our district instead of paying someone else,” Jacquez said. “I thought about bringing something different into our schools that don’t require a ball to compete. I think it gives opportunities to other students and co-ed competition can be had at the same level.”

The National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP) is a joint venture between state departments of Education and Wildlife. Several archery equipment manufacturers and organizations are also partners. The program promotes student education, physical education and participation in the life long sport of archery. The program’s focus is to provide International Style Target Archery training in physical education classes grades 4-12.

Bryan Guzman of the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish came down from Santa Fe to instruct Jacquez, Robinson, Sandy Macial, Chris Salcido, Julie Huerta, Jeremy Garcia, Gary Garcia and Melissa Torrez on Thursday.

The instruction was to include safety, drills and how the program works to keep it running in the schools. It was necessary so that the program could be implemented during the next school year.

“It’s big time for us,” Jacquez said. “As small as our school district is, this is just another thing to keep our kids involved, and our main goal is going to be promoting that it’s a life skill. Age really has no bearing on this at all.”

The department donated $1,500.00 to help start the program. Cobre Schools will fund the remaining $1,500.00 that is needed.

“Again, if it keeps kids involved and happy,” and we can accommodate it, we are all for it,” Kennon said. “My extent of archery was a class in college, but I loved it. It’s something they can keep with them their whole life.”

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