Bass Fishing in Bill Evans and Trail Cam Pics

How about a little FF for Largemouth Bass in Bill Evans and some trail cam pics??

Possible Fishing Changes Statewide Meetings…

These are important.. We need to be part of the process rather than the peanut gallery after the fact. ———– New Mexico Department of Game and Fish Media contact: Dan Williams, (505) 476-8004 Public contact: (505) 476-8000 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE, JUNE 28, 2013: Meetings will address proposed fishing rule… Continue reading

Gila River Smallies on a Fly Rod.. GOOD TIMES..

WOW… What a great trip…  Follow me on a Fly Fishing Smallie Trip in the Gila… I also come across a bunch of elk..  

16D Elk Youth Encouragement Hunt

This hunt was a lot of fun. Great Job Bud —  

Hunt Act!!! This is important

Hello Everybody… You know I don’t get too political but this HUNT Act is important… Please call your Representative and be heard…

Reloading Bug!!!

Over the last few months I have been helping Candace work on shooting her muzzle-loader, part of that work included shooting our .223.  I just wanted her to get use to the the process of firing a gun and getting familiar with things.   At the time I had a quite… Continue reading

Early Season Archery Coues Deer Success

I was very fortunate to take this great buck.  

Gila River Festival – Short Film

I was asked to be part of a project for the Gila River Festival… I think it came out pretty well… The Gila River: It Makes Life Good from Allyson Siwik on Vimeo.