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JORDAN IS BACK!!! Man I need to find him.

Hunt Act!!! This is important

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Hello Everybody…

You know I don’t get too political but this HUNT Act is important… Please call your Representative and be heard…

Coues Deer Success!!!!

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What an amazing coues deer hunt…



My Coues Deer Gear!!!!

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SOOOO… I always get questions about what I carry while I am on-stand…

Here is a quick video..

Almost Time.. Scouting Vid

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DANG…. I hate snow….



Sportsman Meeting in Deming!

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Disappointed With the Big Game Draw?


In Particular, the Antelope Draw?

If so, please come listen to a presentation by Jim Bates and Ray Trejo explaining why you may not have been drawn for an antelope hunt. We promise this will be an eye-opener!!

Date: Tuesday June 29, 2010 Time: 7:00 PM

Location: Deming High School 1100 S. Nickel


Hosted by fellow sportsmen concerned with

increasing our draw odds.

NWTF Banquet in Silver…

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Just thought I would mention that the Gila Gobblers chapter of the NWTF will be having its annual banquet on March 27th at the National Gaurd Armory. Always a good time with great stuff. This year some folks from the Mimbres and Silver City Districts of the Forest Service will be there as guest speakers.

This is always a good time…