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Gila River Diversion Interview.. KSFR

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This is an edited interview I did with regarding the Gila River Diversion Proposal.

Thanks for listening



2008 Archery Coues Deer Hunt

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I am starting to migrate a lot of stuff from my previous blog… 

Good Things to Good People


1/18/08 What a Way to Start the New Year!!


As I created the waypoint for the kill site on my GPS the big number that stood out was 350, that was what my trip odometer read. This year I covered 350 miles of some of the best Coues deer country in the southwest looking for the perfect setup. The Burro Mountains have always had some quality deer hunting and like most well known hunting areas the “usual” spots had treestands on every saddle or game-trail. My goal was to find a nice honey hole off of what we call “the Big Three”, The Big Three consist of Jacks Peak, Burro Mountain and Ferguson Mountain. Throughout the summer I had at least two trail cameras in the field at all times. For the most part they were over springs or game trails, I had decent success and I had several great pictures of some quality bucks. I also found a real nice set of shed that were a little big that 100 inches.


Unfortunately, as December rolled around everything went south. All of my bucks stopped showing up, I still don’t know what happened but it was pretty obvious I was going to need to spend some time locating does or I was going to be in for a long tough hunt. I was pretty much in panic mode. Coues deer hunting is a game of preparation. Unlike Mule deer hunting you need to do your homework upfront. I changed my strategy from worrying about the bucks and I spent a ton of time behind the 15×56 Swarovski’s looking for does. I knew that once the rut kicked in the bucks would be chasing. A few days before the hunt I found three nice groups of does and I knew that I was back in the game. I also found some scrapes and rubs in the general area.
My initial plan was to switch between a spring that the does were hitting and a scrape line. If I wasn’t getting into deer I would change areas and hunt a huge flat in a saddle that I had a feeling was going to have a scrape line in it.
As the hunt started I was hunting with a heavy heart, my dad has been sick and in and out of the hospital.  Even though I had planned all year for this hunt it was just hard to leave the house in the morning.
The first couple of the days were extremely windy and the deer were not moving. Trying to make something happened I decided to do some Spot-n-Stalk hunting. I wasn’t able to get on any Coues deer but I was able to get within 30 yards of this Mule deer.

I was able to get these Mule deer pictures during some of my time on one of my stands. I also had a few bigger deer, some Javelina and a coyote come in but I wasn’t able to get pictures of them, these bucks are nothing special but at least I knew I wasn’t getting winded.



Unfortunately, because of the high winds and sleet the Coues deer just weren’t moving. I have always said,” Mule deer see a person and they think he is a stump, Coues deer see a stump and think it is a person”. When the winds are high the deer are just to scared to move.
As the hunt wore on it became obvious that I need to make something happen, so I moved to a scrape line. Below are some pictures of the scrapes and some rubs that I have found in the area. Scrapes during this time of year are a much better indicator of a buck working the area but it is nice to see the rubs.


This is the little patch of trees that I setup in. I ALMOST CLOSED THE DEAL on this scrape line but a buck came from the one area that I couldn’t get a shot. He came from behind me and I think he caught a whiff of me in the swirling winds. Needless to say I was pretty disappointed.

A few days into the hunt my dad was getting stronger and he was released from the hospita   on Tuesday giving me one good day to hunt before I had to pack for my Mexico Coues deer hunt. So I figured I needed to push the issue. I hiked into the flat that I had scouted earlier in the season. During the summer months I had seen three different bucks in the area and I found a few sheds.

As I made the .75 mile hike into the flat I found a few rubs and scrapes. My hunch had been correct. After slowing working thru the area I decided to sit the scrape line and rub below.


I have found that for me, the best way to hunt a scrape line is to stay mobile and sit around 35 yards off the scrape. I also carry one of those little stools to sit on for comfort. I had just setup my stool and hung my bow on a bow hanger in the tree when I first caught movement. I hadn’t even knocked and arrow. First it was a flicker of an ear then I was able to pick out a brow-tine. After 6 months of scouting and one day of hunting left it looked like if I could knock and arrow and draw I might have the opportunity at a nice buck. I wasn’t able to determine the number of points but at this point it didn’t matter. If I had the chance to take him I was going to let the air out of him.
I had setup so if a buck came in I would be in his blind spot for a few yards. This would give me the opportunity to grab my bow and knock an arrow. Luck was with me this day. As he went into the blind spot I pulled “Yoda II” (my arrow) from the quiver, knocked him, drew and got ready to pick a spot. I always have a cheesy saying that I say to myself, it is “Confidence is Deadly”. It just reminds me that I have done everything in my power to make the shot. I have the best bow, the best arrow, the best broadhead and I have practiced to to make the shot. As I mutter those words in my mind, he cleared the brush at 30 yards, I picked a spot and I released the arrow. As the arrow flew I knew it was a good shot, it took out both lungs. I don’t think he knew what happened. He jumped a little and trotted off to about 60 yards. I am a firm believe of shoot until they are down so I pulled “Yoda III” knocked, drew and picked a spot again. I hit him high and “spined” him. He dropped.
This was my setup, he came in from the left.

This is the “as they lay picture”.

It is very hard to explain the emotions that come over you when you kill an animal that you have spent so much time admiring. I must admit that I did my little dance and I did a bunch of screaming and yelling but after that I just sat there and admired him in all of his beauty. I always give thanks and remind myself that it is not about the kill but about setting a goal and reaching it. My Grandfather Papo used to say that the outdoors was his church, nothing could be truer.


Stay tuned…. I need to tell you about my Mexico Rifle Hunt… You won’t believe what I killed. A true GIANT…..

2013 NM Rifle Antelope Hunt

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Hey Everyone… Here is the video for my 2013 Rifle Antelope Hunt…

Good times… Thanks for watching..


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How about a little FF for Largemouth Bass in Bill Evans and some trail cam pics??

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This is good stuff…


POSTED: 12:05 am SANTA FE — New Mexico is about to get a new national monument. Rio Grande del Norte, whose 240,000 acres encompass portions of the spectacular Rio Grande Gorge and Ute Mountain, will receive that designation with a proclamation scheduled to be signed by President Barack Obama on Monday, according to a White House official. Obama will make the designation under the federal Antiquities Act. This action will bypass Congress, which has failed to support efforts by the state’s congressional delegation since at least 2009 to further protect this area of Taos and Rio Arriba counties. The land has been managed by the Bureau of Land Management, which will continue to do so under the new designation, according to the White House official. The news drew applause from New Mexico’s senators and Rep. Ben Ray Luján, whose district covers that area. “I’m excited about it,” said Sen. Martin Heinrich, D-N.M., in a telephone interview. “That area has always been really special to me.” The designation “gives an overlay of protection to make sure that the viewsheds are not developed,” he said. “The idea is not to turn it into a Disneyland, but to protect it in the kind of undeveloped splendor that has always drawn people…” The lawmakers roundly praised former Sen. Jeff Bingaman, who first started working on the project in 2007. “Protecting the Río Grande del Norte means we are not only preserving this beautiful space, but ensuring that it will continue to be used by anglers, ranchers, and land grant heirs,” Bingaman said in a news release, adding his thanks to the Obama administration. “It is my hope that this decision has a very positive impact on the economy of the region.” Sen. Tom Udall, D-N.M., said, “This is a victory for the people of Taos and Rio Arriba counties and will be a lasting part of Jeff’s legacy. I am proud to have been a part of such a successful effort to protect some of northern New Mexico’s most historically and culturally rich land for the benefit of locals and visitors.” Luján echoed the praise for Bingaman’s work, and said, “By working together with small businesses, local governments, Taos Pueblo and those who appreciate this pristine land for recreation, traditional and cultural uses, or finding inspiration—we have finally ensured that the history and future of the Río Grande del Norte will be protected and preserved.” Outgoing Interior Secretary Ken Salazar visited the area in December to hear from local residents, most of whom spoke in favor of the national monument. The northern New Mexico designation has received widespread local support, with Taos Pueblo, Taos city and county governments, various conservation organizations, as well as individual businesses and the Taos and Mora Valley chambers of commerce backing the plan. A study by BBC Research & Consulting has estimated that making Rio Grande del Norte a national monument would create $15 million in new revenue annually and create 279 new jobs thanks to an increase in visitation to Taos and Rio Arriba counties, according to the New Mexico Wildlife Federation. Stretching from a deep part of the gorge west of Taos all the way to the Colorado border, the soon-to-be monument includes petroglyphs, archaeological sites, habitat for birds and other wildlife, and cultural resources stretching from ancient inhabitants to later Spanish settlers. Obama also is slated to create other national monuments in a signing ceremony on Monday: First State National Monument in Delaware; Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad National Monument in Maryland; Charles Young Buffalo Soldiers National Monument in Ohio, and San Juan Islands National Monument in Washington State. Rio Grande del Norte will be the first new national monument created in New Mexico since President Bill Clinton gave that designation to Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks National Monument near Cochiti in 2001. — This article appeared on page C1 of the Albuquerque Journal

2 Blade Broadhead Review

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How about a quick 2 Blade Broadhead Review??

B’s Camo Cricket

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A few weeks ago Candace and I took Brock shooting. It went pretty well and he had a great time but we ran across a few issues

1) He was using a gun that was WAY to big for him

2) With the Marlin he was shooting it was hard to get him to “reset” once he fired his first shot.  In other words, with that little semi-auto he just went nuts and started spraying bullets.  Partially my fault.

3) We wanted for B to have a little gun of his own

4) We also wanted him to learn correct form

5) AND to be honest I was looking for a project




That being said we put the word out on the street that we were in the market for a youth .22.  We went to the usual places and found a few but we figured that SOMEONE had to have one that they had outgrown… The good news is that some old dude at the range had one and sold it to us for $20.00. He really helped us out, I guess he looked at me and figured I was going to be the old dude hanging out at the range some day so he had pity on us.

Below is what the gun started liked and the progression from boring black to digital camo.




I made a small paint booth out of an old box, it seems to work pretty well


The key is to make sure that you don’t spray on the paint to heavily… TAKE YOUR TIME… Multiple coats are better than runny paint


This is what B’s Cricket looks like… Pretty neat.







This was a fun little project.  What lessons did I learn?

1) BUY STENCILS – We made our own and it was a pain in the butt.  It is well worth the $10 that you can get them for online.

2)Google Youtube – There are a ton of tips on painting your gun.

3) Just have fun, you can always paint it again.


Reloading Bug!!!

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Over the last few months I have been helping Candace work on shooting her muzzle-loader, part of that work included shooting our .223.  I just wanted her to get use to the the process of firing a gun and getting familiar with things.   At the time I had a quite a bit of Ammo that was Ready to Roll but I had even more brass sitting around that needed to be clean up, re-sized, primed, grained and loaded. To be honest I wasn’t sure if that brass was ever going to get the attention that it deserved, so it just sat in a bucket.   After the season, Candace and I realized that we had a pretty good time just going to the range and shooting a little, so a couple of nights ago Brock and I started working on getting that old brass load.  I am not sure he really understands what we are doing or the process but he is pretty good at little tasks… I think he is pretty good at this type of detail stuff because of all the lego’s he plays with…  Anyway, it is the same basic concept.

Here he is helping me get the media out of the brass….

Little Guys… Some Ready, Some in Staging..

Fishing Report 4-17-2012

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Fishing Report.. Get out there and fish..


New Mexico Department of Game and Fish

Media contact: Dan Williams, (505) 476-8004

Public contact: (505) 476-8000






This fishing report, provided by Bill Dunn and the Department of Game and Fish, has been generated from the best information available from area officers and anglers. Conditions encountered after the report is compiled may differ, as stream, lake and weather conditions alter fish and angler activities.





If you have a catch of the week story or just want to tell us about your latest New Mexico fishing

experience, send it to us at We may include your story in our next report.


  • Heron Lake: April 9, Vern Lucero of La Cienega caught a 24 ½-inch, 17-pound lake trout. He was using a Yozuri crystal minnow. April 11, Jesse Salazar of Espanola caught a 24 ¼-inch, 9-pound, 2-ounce lake trout. He was jigging a white tube. April 13, Norma Wolfley of El Vado caught a 30 ¾-inch, 14-pound, 3-ounce lake trout. She was trolling a Big Mac lure.
  • Ute Lake: April 14, Franco Vallejos of Albuquerque caught a 3.82-pound smallmouth bass. He was using a smallie beaver. Kris Bosley of Amarillo caught a 4.02-pound smallmouth bass. Art VanNostrand caught a 5.09-pound largemouth bass. He was using a spinner bait. All three bass were released.
  • Navajo Lake: April 14, Ricky Hamilton of Dulce caught a 5.1-pound largemouth bass. Steve Gill of Navajo Dam caught a 4.21-pound smallmouth bass. Both fish were caught on reaction baits and both fish were released.


For catches of the week, include name, date, and location, type of fish, length and weight if possible and bait, lure or fly used.


April 17




Animas River: As of Monday morning flow near Cedar Hill was 1,000 cfs. Trout fishing was fair using spinners, worms and copper John Barrs.

Charette Lakes: Trout fishing was fair-to-good using Power Bait and worms under a bobber. Leroy De Herrera of Roy reported catching his limit of trout within an hour. He was using pink Power Bait. We had no reports on perch.

Cimarron River: Water flow below Eagle Nest Lake as of Monday was 31 cfs. Trout fishing for the first few miles below the lake was good using prince nymphs, copper John Barrs and tungsten bead head San Juan worms.

Clayton Lake: Fishing was good using assorted Power Bait for trout up to 18 inches. We had no reports on other species. Due to low water conditions, only small boats, kayaks and canoes can be launched.

Conchas Lake: Fishing was slow-to-fair using minnows and crank baits for walleye. Fishing was fair using minnows, crank baits and jigs for white bass up to 2 pounds. Crappie fishing was slow but a few were taken on minnows and small jigs. We had no reports on other species. The surface water temp was in the low to mid 60s.

Coyote Creek: Trout fishing was very good using salmon eggs, Power Bait, copper John Barrs and bead head hares ears.

Eagle Nest Lake: Fishing was good using salmon peach Power Bait, salmon eggs, homemade dough baits, worms and spinners for a mixed bag of perch and rainbow trout. A few northern pike were taken on worms and spinners.

Lake Maloya: Trout fishing was good using salmon eggs, worms, Pistol Petes, spoons, dough bait and Power Bait. Anglers reported catching several big brown trout.

Maxwell Lake 13: Fishing was fair-to-good using marshmallows and Power Bait for trout up to 19 inches.

Monastery Lake: Trout fishing was good using Power Bait, salmon eggs, Pistol Petes and worms.

Morphy Lake: Fishing was fair using Power Bait, salmon eggs and homemade dough baits for trout.

Pecos River: Water flow near the town of Pecos on Monday was 210 cfs. Trout fishing has picked up as the water was starting to clear. Best baits were worms, spinners and bead head nymphs.

Red River: Water flow below the hatchery was 122 cfs. Trout fishing below the hatchery was fair using red San Juan worms and copper John Barrs.

Rio Grande: The water flow Monday at the Taos Junction Bridge was 544 cfs. The upper Rio was a bit off color but clearing. Trout fishing was good using No. 14 caddis. Nymphs were working during the day and dries in the late evening hours. A few trout were also taken on spinners.

Shuree Ponds: Closed for the season. Opens July 1.

Springer Lakes: Fishing was slow-to-fair using dead minnows and Rat-L-Traps for northern pike up to 22 inches. We had no reports on other species.

Storrie Lake: Trout fishing from the bank was good for anglers using Power Bait, homemade dough baits and salmon eggs. We had no reports on other species.

Ute Lake: Fishing for smallmouth bass and largemouth bass was fair-to-good using crank baits, chigger craws and tubes. Fishing was fair using crank baits, minnows and jigs for white bass. A few crappie were taken by anglers using small jigs. Fishing for catfish slowed a bit but there were a few taken on stink bait and chicken liver. The surface water temp ranged from the low 50s to the low 60s.




Abiquiu Lake: Fishing pressure was very light and fishing was slow for all species.

Albuquerque area drains: We had no reports from anglers this week. The winter trout stocking will resume next fall.

Bluewater Lake: Trout fishing was fair-to-good using Power Bait, home made dough baits, spinners and salmon eggs. Fishing for tiger musky was fair using dough baits, jerk baits, spinners and crank baits. Most of the muskies were in the 25- to 35-inch class. The surface water temp ranged from the mid 40s to the low 50s.

Chama River: Monday morning water flows below El Vado and Abiquiu were 394 cfs and 418 cfs respectively. Fishing pressure was very light over the past weekend. A few trout were taken below El Vado by anglers using Z Rays and worms. We had no reports from below Abiquiu.

Cochiti Lake: Fishing was slow for all species. A few white bass were taken by anglers using minnows and trolling crank baits.

El Vado Lake: We had no reports from anglers this week.

Fenton Lake: Hot Spot for trout. Fishing continued to be very good this past week. Anglers did well using olive and black Pistol Petes, Power Bait, worms, salmon eggs, corn and gold and silver Panther Martins.

Heron Lake: Fishing for lake trout was slow-to-fair trolling big lures and using jigs tipped with cut bait. Bank fishing in the Piedra Cove area was fair using Power Bait and salmon eggs for rainbow trout.

Jackson Lake: Trout fishing was slow-to-fair using Power Bait and salmon eggs.

Jemez Waters: Water flow on the Jemez as of Monday morning was 155 cfs and murky. Fishing was slow. On the Rio Cebolla below Fenton Lake, trout fishing was fair-to-good using worms.

Lake Farmington: We had no reports from anglers again this week.

Manzano Lake: Trout fishing was slow.

McGaffey Lake: We had no reports from anglers this week.

Navajo Lake: Bass fishing was slow but there were a few good smallmouth and largemouth caught. Best baits were jerk baits, tubes, spinner baits and chatter baits. Fishing for northern pike was also slow with light fishing pressure due to windy cold fronts. We had no reports on other species. Water surface temps ranged from 48 degrees on the main lake to near 58 degrees in the backs of coves.

Ramah Lake: We had no reports from anglers this week.

San Juan: Water flow below Navajo Lake as of Monday morning was 487 cfs. Trout fishing through the Quality Waters was good using RS2s, Griffith’s gnats, parachute adams and dead chickens. There were midge and baetis hatches coming off. The midge hatches were coming off around noon while the baetis hatches were later in the day. Size 20 and 22 flies worked best. Through the bait waters, fishing was fair-to-good using worms, spinners, jigs and jerk baits.

Santa Cruz Lake: Trout fishing was good using spinners, salmon eggs, corn and Power Bait.

Seven Springs Brood Pond: This water is open to fishing for youths under the age of 12 and

an excellent place to take the youngster and get them interested in fishing. The pond was

recently stocked and should offer a great fishing experience.

Tingley Beach: Trout fishing at the Central Ponds was very good using salmon eggs, corn, spinners and Power Bait. Fishing at the Catch-and-Release Pond was fair using small zebra midges and small Griffith’s gnats.




Bear Canyon: Trout fishing was fair using salmon eggs, worms and Power Bait.

Bill Evans Lake: Trout fishing was slow-to-fair using salmon eggs and Power Bait. We had no reports on other species.

Caballo Lake: Walleye fishing was slow-to-fair using minnows, grubs, crank baits and bottom bouncer/night crawler rigs. Fishing for white bass was fair using grubs, crank baits and minnows. Fishing was fair-to-good using stink baits, worms and chicken liver for catfish. The water was murky.

Elephant Butte: Fishing was slow-to-fair using sassy shad on ¼- and 3/8-ounce jig heads, minnows, crank baits and spinners for white bass. Fishing for walleye was slow but a few were taken on sassy shad and crank baits. Fishing for largemouth bass and smallmouth bass was slow with a few taken on sassy shad, crank baits and jerk baits. We had no reports on other species. Surface temps on the main lake ranged from 52 to 62 degrees.

Escondida Lake: Trout fishing was slow-to-fair using salmon eggs, Power Bait, Pistol Petes, worms and corn.

Gila River: Water flow on the Gila as of this past Monday was 114 cfs. Trout fishing on the Forks was slow.

Glenwood Pond: Trout fishing was good using Power Bait.

Lake Roberts: We had no reports from anglers this week.

Quemado Lake: Trout fishing was good using Power Bait, worms and salmon eggs. We had no reports on tiger musky.

Rio Grande: Water flow below Elephant Butte on Monday was 1,120 cfs. Fishing was fair using white grubs for walleye. Fishing was fair using worms for trout. Water is also being released from Caballo Lake downstream at the rate of 1,100 cfs. Fishing below Caballo and at Percha Dam was fair using sassy shad, curly tail grubs and minnows for white bass and walleye. Fishing for catfish was fair using minnows and stink baits.



Bataan Lake: Fishing was slow for all species.

Bonito Lake: Trout fishing was good using Pistol Petes, spinners, salmon eggs, Power Bait and corn.

Bosque Redondo: Trout fishing was fair using copper John Barrs, salmon egg/corn combinations, salmon eggs and Power Bait.

Bottomless Lakes: We had no reports from anglers this week.

Brantley Lake: Anglers are to practice catch-and-release for all fish here as high levels of DDT were found in several fish.

Carlsbad Municipal Lake: We had no reports from anglers this week.

Grindstone Reservoir: Fishing for trout was good using Power Bait, salmon eggs and corn.

Jal Lake: We had no reports from anglers this week.

Lake Van: Trout fishing was fair using Power Bait, salmon eggs and spinners.

Oasis Park Lake: Trout fishing was very good using Power Bait and assorted spinners and spoons.

Pecos River: Water flow on Monday below Sumner Lake was 101 cfs. Fishing was slow-to-fair using worms, liver and stink bait for catfish. We had no reports on other species.

Perch Lake: We had no reports from anglers this week.

Ruidoso River: Water flow at Hollywood on Monday was 11 cfs. Trout fishing was fair using salmon eggs and bead head prince nymphs.

Santa Rosa Lake: Fishing was fair using sassy shad and curly tail grubs for walleye and crappie. Fishing was slow for all other species. Fishing pressure was very light. The water surface temp was in the mid to upper 50s.

Sumner Lake: Hot Spot for walleye! Strong winds didn’t deter the anglers or the walleye over the weekend. Anglers fishing from boats and from the bank did well using minnows, grubs, jigs and crank baits for fish up to 19 inches. Anglers fishing for walleye also reported catching a mix of smallmouth bass, crappie, white bass and catfish. The surface water temp ranged from the mid 50s to the low 60s.



Attack on Trapping!!!

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Okay.. We need to track this… I don’t want to start any fist fights or even fist pumps but this is somethinig you might want to attend if you are a sportsman.  You guys know that I don’t trap but I believe it is an essential management tool…  This group basically wants to shut trapping down in NM. 



This Spring, Trap Free NM is taking its message on the road with a series of free presentations and public meetings in towns across New Mexico:

Grants: Monday, April 16, 6:30-8:00pm 
New Mexico State University, Library Room 
1500 N. Third Street, Grants, NM

Farmington: Tuesday, April 17, 6:30-8:00pm 
San Juan College, Information Technology Building, Room 7103
4601 College Blvd, Farmington, NM

Española: Wednesday, April 18, 6:30-8:00pm 
Northern New Mexico College, Administration Bldg Rooms 101-102 
921 Paseo De Onate, Española, NM

Portales: Sunday, April 22, Earth Day Event 
Eastern New Mexico University – Campus Union Bldg. 
1500 S. Avenue K, Portales, NM

Roswell: Monday, April 23, 6:30-8:00pm 
Roswell Public Library 
301 N. Pennsylvania, Roswell, NM

Silver City: Tuesday, April 24, 6:30-8:00pm 
Unitarian Universalist Fellowship 
3842 N. Swan Street, Silver City, NM

Los Lunas: Wednesday, April 25, 6:30-8:00pm 
UNM Valencia Campus – Student Community Center 
280 La Entrada Road, Los Lunas, NM