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Comments Off on Cabelas Adventures not a good experience!!!

Ok… So, It might be time to get on my soap box! As you guys know last year I shot a Mountain Lion and it was a great experience. So it thought that it would be fun to see if I could add something to my species list every year. So I started looking around for opportunities. Well, Cabelas Adventures must have been reading my mind because I just got the new adventure catalog. So I scoured the pages looking for a good opportunity. So I came across an adventure that I wanted to find some more information about. It was on a Indian Reservation that I am somewhat familiar with so I called Cabelas. It took awhile to get a return call but it did happen. So I was asking the standard questions… The Who, What, When, Why, and How, NO BIG DEAL! I told the guy that I live close to the Reservation and that I wanted to bring my travel trailer. He said sure,”But dont’ expect any discounts, the price is the price.” It wasn’t what he said because I get, it these outfitters setup a camp for the entire season, so they have to pay support staff whether I sleep in their bunks or not but was how he said it. After that I could sense our conversation was going to go downhill fast. I continued to ask him the standard questions. NOTHING CRAZY!!! And I just got more and more attitude from him. It became real obvious that this guy really didn’t give a crap about helping me book this hunt. So I said, “Can I have references for these guys?” He didn’t say yes or no all he said was that I should contact the tribe directly with all of my questions. He gave me the number and then sounded happy as hell to be done with me.

Ok, I can deal with a smart-ass but he didn’t know me and to be honest he is in a “Service Industry”.  Until he as earned my respect he needs to prove himself.  My dad used to say, “Respect takes a long time to earn but it can be lost in seconds.”.  I am about to drop about $6,000 on a hunt this year and I will probably drop that much every year for a long time.  I can spend my money with whomever I want and to be honest the only reason I was even considering booking with Cabelas was so I could earn points on my Credit Card. 🙂 I am not expecting this guy to grovel but damn he should have acted like he gave a crap about my experience.  With this short 5 minute call this guy could have sealed an easy$60,000 of my business over the next ten years but his “give a damn attitude” not only turned me off but I am going to tell everybody I know about this negative experience.

So, what finally happened?   Well, I did my own research and I found a great outfitter on the Res for about $1,2500 LESS that what Cableas was going to charge me.  AND Guess WHAT???? I am going to bring my own damn travel trailer…. Not for the discount but because I snore and I don’t want to get voted out of camp 🙂  Ask my Mexican Coues Deer Camp mates…