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Bucks on my Hit List!!!!

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2011 Events!!!

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Okay Everybody…

Time to get serious and get all of this stuff written down…  I have been thinking about goals and where I want to be by the time hunting seasons roll around and I just don’t know.  I don’t feel like I have a solid baseline.  I reviewed some goals that I had like the ability to Single-Dumbbell Curl 45lbs 6 times and I have already achieved that.  I also wanted to be able to run solid 12 minute miles for at least an hour… Well, I am doing that…  I could re-goal and I probably will do that but I want to take a different approach to things.  When I am on the mountain I always consider a successful day if two things happen.  I show up and if I could survive if I had to.

I am going to take that approach with my training.  I am going to list a few events that I want to show up for in 2011 and I hope I survive.

  • Las Cruces Half-Marathon with my niece Adrianna
  • Warrior Dash – Location to be determined
  • NM Big-game hunts – depends on tags drawn
  • Solo-Backcountry Turkey Hunt/Scouting Trip
  • Solo-Backcountry Coues Deer in AZ

So…Those are my “events” for this year…. Stay tuned…