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AZ Comings and Goings????

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Hey Guys…

I have been in AZ trying to get a Coues Deer killed but it has been a little slow!!!!  I am seeing does but no bucks.   Basically, I want to be one of the few people that has killed a Coues Deer in MX, NM and AZ…  The country is much different than the pines that I am used to hunting in NM… This area is true desert…  I think the elevation is between 3 and 4 thousand feet….  The rough thing about the country that I am hunting is that these Coues Deer have Mule Deer tendencies, in that they are not that pattern-able.  This country really don’t have the typical funnels.  Oh well, I am sure Geronimo didn’t complain, he just hunted….  So that is what I have to do… Put My time in.  I feel kind of bad because I feel that I should be scouting in NM a little more but it is what it it… This year I am going to skip ATA so I have a few more days to hunt…

SOOO How am I hunting??? Well, doing a little spot and stalk and a ton of sitting water.  I have a theory on hunting Coues Deer during the rut.  During this time of year you can glass up a ton of deer and even get a few stalks in… BUT because they are chasing does or looking for does they are really hard to get on.  You need to get them to come to you…  That means travel corridors, calls or water.

Anyway…. This is one of the bucks that I am trying to get killed one thing that I find interesting about this big 3×2 are his hocks… Notice that they are as clean as can be.  Also his neck isn’t very swollen.  I am not sure about these low-land Coues Deer but he just doesn’t show any signs of being “Rutty”… I am not sure what that is about…

Keep your fingers crossed… I just need a shot… that is all I ask..

Opening weekend in AZ!!!!

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Hmm… Where to start???  Well, the hunt started with rain, and ended with rain…  The area that I am focusing on has a nice tank but right now sitting that tank would just  be a waste of time.  Coues deer barely drink to start with but with this much rain these deer are drinking out of every little dip in the dirt.

Unlike in NM, in AZ it is legal to bait deer.  It is what it is…  Those are just the rules of the game in AZ and believe me, my eyes have really been opened over the last few months.  Just about every ridge that I have seen has some sort of mineral lick.  If the hunters don’t get the deer they are certainly going to die of heart disease. Another thing that is different in AZ is that even though you draw a rifle tag you can still hunt the archery season.  If you happen to kill during the archery season than you forfeit your rifle tag.  I guess the cool thing is that hunters are given more days afield, the bad thing is that you have EVERYBODY hunting during the archery season.  I have never seen soooooo many people cruising the roads looking for deer and coming from NM that means A LOT.

So the plan was to sit in a travel corridor and and get a shot a buck. Pretty easy right.  Well the problem is that with this much feed and water these deer don’t need to move.  I am hoping that the pressure from other  hunters will get these deer moving.

So… Who is on the hit list?   I have picked up a few different deer in the area but nothing exciting..  But if this guys comes thru we are gonna have some words… 🙂

He probably goes mid-80’s.  Nothing to wild but he is definitely a mature buck.

Oh yah… I am still being chased by bears… Man, I have seen more bears this year than I have EVER seen…

Anyway, stay tuned… I am going to try and make it out again next week.

Oh yah, in a day and a half of hunting…. Two Does… 🙂