Steve takes his first Elk!!!

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Hey Everybody..

It looks like our hunting tradition is in good hands…  Steve recently sent me this story about his sucessful Elk hunt.  Great Job and Great Bull.



Steve with his Bull


















Well here it goes…The day before the hunt opened I was in Ruidoso, playing in a high school football game.  By the way we won 26-6, Cobre.  My parents were able to make the game, which allowed me to go home with them…alot faster than in the bus!  I was impatiently waiting to hear from my brother-in-law who had been scouting that evening along with my nephew.  I was happy to hear that he had ‘glassed up’ a couple of bulls 5 minutes from getting off the vehicle, he also told me that there was at least one herd with bugling (…he scouted in the dark for bugles) going on. 
      The game plan was set,  We (i.e. nephew, brother-in-law, his dad and myself) were to return to the bugles in the morning and see what the bulls looked like since my brother-in-law already knew where a couple of others were and what kind of size they were.  We arrived at about 5:15 and immediately heard some bugling, we began walking about six, but almost instantly a big ol’ diesel truck with a group of hunters parked right next to us…my brother-in-law confronted them that we were going to be trying to work the herd but it fell on deaf ears, man were we upset to say the least.  
      As soon as there was legal shooting light we heard rifle shots…our hopes instantly diminished.  About 5 minutes later though we were filled with adrenaline and hope once again when the bulls began to bugle.  We wasted no time ‘running and gunning’ to the sound of the bugles (luckily my nephew managed to keep up).  My brother-in-law spotted the herd as they moved in and out of the pj, i set-up my rifle on the shooting sticks found the bull in my scope and squeezed the trigger…smack.  My brother-in-law immediately said “you got him, he’s going down…”, it was about a 200yd shot (no time to range him) and we together saw him swaying and at the time we believed he had went down right there.  Well he wasn’t there when we got there…I’m thinking we unnecessarily pushed him, but luckily we located him a short time later to put the finishing touches on my first bull elk!

Bull Elk

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