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This is super important PLEASE BE HEARD.



Sign the Sportsmen’s Bill of Rights

Be a Part of the Sportsmen’s Solution

The Sportsmen for Responsible Energy Development Bill of Rights was created by hunters and anglers who want to ensure that our rights to hunt and fish on public lands are protected in the future. We recognize that our country needs energy and we know it is possible to develop resources and protect vital fish and game habitat at the same time. Sign up to today and help to ensure that our Western hunting and fishing heritage is protected for future generations.

The Sportsmen for Responsible Energy Development Bill of Rights

  1. The public lands that hunters and anglers depend upon shall remain in the public domain for the use of future generations.
  2. Hunters and anglers shall have a voice in decisions affecting energy development on public lands.
  3. Public lands shall be managed for many uses, including hunting and fishing.
  4. Our hunting and fishing heritage shall not be jeopardized by energy development that fails to account for the future, long-term impacts to fish, wildlife, and water resources.
  5. Energy development shall not harm water resources that are priceless to people and vital to wildlife.
  6. Hunters and anglers shall not be forced to pay for the costs associated with poorly planned energy development on public lands.
  7. Energy development shall comply with standard guidelines, best management practices, and regulations put in place to minimize the impact of development on fish, wildlife, and people.
  8. Vital fish and wildlife habitat on public lands shall be protected. Sage grouse habitat, fragile trout streams, deer and elk winter range, riparian areas, and other irreplaceable habitats must not be sacrificed.
  9. All sectors of the energy industry shall pay its fair share of the cost for habitat mitigation and restoration on public lands that are impacted by development.
  10. State and federal fish and wildlife agencies shall have adequate funding to ensure the long-term health of fish, wildlife, and water resources on our public lands.

Please join other organizations, businesses, and individuals and endorse the Sportsmen for Responsible Energy Development Bill of Rights. Play a role in bringing balance to energy development in the West.

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