Silver City Deer Meeting!!!

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As many of you know I live in a little neighborhood called Indian Hills, we border the national forest and in the last few years we have had a TON of Mule Deer move into the area.  These deer have no fear of humans and are becoming quite a problem.  Not only from car accidents but they are attracking predators to the neighborhood.  If you remember we recenlty had a man that was killed and eaten by a mountain lion around 5 miles from my house.  I used to think that is was going to take someone to get hurt for people to really start looking at the deer problem we have in the area.   Don’t get me wrong I love seeing deer but they need to be managed.  The Dept of Game and Fish is going to have a Deer Meeting August 26th at the Armoury in Santa Clara at 7:00pm to discuss the problems.   They are going to discuss all kinds of options; both lethal and non-leathal.

My take on the entire thing?  It is a tough call the deer are just in a safe environment with alot of food and water.  There is no reason for the deer to move.  Personally, I would like to see archers be used to control the population of deer.  I would like to make it very clear that by no means would I consider this a hunt, you can walk up to the deer.  We can be part of the solution not the problem.

The picture below was taken last night… This guy was cruising thru the yard..Cruising Buck

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