Scotts 2008 Coues – Repost but good times

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1/29/08 Scott takes his first Coues deer in Mexico

As you many of you know, I met Scott during our recent trip to Mexico. He told us that he recently got back into hunting as a way of hopefully connecting with his 3 sons. You have to admire that. Scott had a rough hunt but he handled it like a champ. Everybody in camp knew that he had never taken a deer so we were all hoping that he have the chance to connect. The strange thing about hunting is that there are times you just can’t buy luck. You just need to learn from the past mistakes and keep plugging away. Scott had several chances to close the deal early in the hunt but he was just putting WAY TOO much pressure on himself. Fortunately, On the last afternoon of the hunt Scott was able to “make the shot”.

Below is the story from his point of view, I think he is being way too humble and if he is ever going to be a veteran hunter he needs to work on his exaggeration skills… 🙂

PS: He mentions the Diesel fuel, the issue is that I wasn’t expecting to drive so I didn’t bring extra fuel. We made it just fine but it did add a little drama to the week and it made for a better story.— Jason

Scott getting ready to settle the score with Mr. Coues



Sonora Mexico is a beautiful place to hunt. My hands and shins are still healing from the ferocious flora that resides there. I have to say that some of the best people I have met in my life have been hunters. That’s why I have to thank Jason and Tommy first and for most. You two guys did what every else in camp wouldn’t. Take the “rookie” out to get a buck. Thanks for wasting your diesel fuel taking me out to the farthest ranch Dan has. I also have great respect for Tim. That dedication to something you love is something to be desired. From sighting in from Chevy light, to glassing sun up to sun down, you have to give it to the guy. Taylor also worked very hard. I think he was feeling the pressure as much as myself. In the end, I ended up taking a respectable buck that I am having mounted in the valley. Something I will never forget is the rush prior to the shot. If that goes away I will quit hunting. I am in awh of the young ranchers that live there full time. These guys are tuff and do not complain. I look at my two sons that constantly have their hands out for cash but when given a chore they disappear. I should create a Mexican summer camp for lazy American teens to learn what an honest days work is all about. I know of allot of parents that would pay top $ to get their teens on the right track. Last is Ted, if it wasn’t for his calming demeanor, I would have missed….again. Hey I too am from New Mexico, originally, and got some of that NM luck.

Hero Shot


Another Hero Shot


This is a picture of Scott’s gun, if you look real hard you can see a scratch on the stock. When we first presented our guns, Rick one of the guys we were hunting with, gave Scott a hard time about how “purdy” his gun was. Now Scott can say that his gun is “scared by the hunt”.


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