Photariums? Thoughts

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Still trying to wrap my head around this one.  There have been times when I have been a FISH KILLIN’, FISH FRYIN’, CATCH and RE-GREASE machine.  No fish was safe.  It was my personal mission to take my limit every time I was on the water.












Then I had that “Ah-Ha” moment.  My mom said, “Mijo, it would be a lot cheaper to go to Albertsons and buy fish if that what it is all about”.  Hmm…. Ok, Mom… Point Made.

I also believe that fishermen go thru stages; I want to catch a fish, I want to catch a few fish, I want to catch all the fish and then I just want to go fishing.   BUT that is a different story.

Anyway… I have always had the utmost respect for fish and have always treated them as “nicely” as I could.  I am sure if they could talk they would probably say something different, As I just jabbed a hook thru their mouth.

BUT there is a point where a fish is a fish…  What do you think of the Photarium?









Basically, the idea is that you get your hero shot and the fish stays wet.  Have we “Jumped the shark?”

I can see using this if you are cruising a river on a float trip, but I AM NOT packing one of these bad boys into the Wilderness.  🙂

Here is a link if you are interested in finding out more info…

Btw- if they want to send me one for free, I will send some sweet pics of Gila Trout in one… heheheh

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