NM Specifc Online Firearms Broker

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Hey Guys…

I just got this email and it seems pretty cool… Maybe it will gain steam, it sure would be nice to buy,sell and trade firearms locally…  I don’t know anything about these guys but it might be worth checking out..


Hi Jason, My name is Peter Rose-Molina. I am the administrator at
www.NewMexicoArmsTrader.com. I am writing to introduce myself and our

We are a free classified website dedicated to providing a marketplace
for law abiding citizens of New Mexico to Buy and Sell and Trade their
firearms with each other.

We launched in September of 2011 and are currently looking to grow and
build more traffic to the site. We plan on being here awhile.

I came across your New Mexico Sportsman blog while searching for New
Mexico gun groups and I liked what I read so I linked you in our links
section with a little description about you and your blog.

When you find time, please check us out at:
www.newmexicoarmstrader.com and if you think it is a resource that
your readership would benefit by, please link back to me. Any help you
could give us to get the ball rolling would be greatly appreciated.

I had a hard time finding a way to contact you through your blog but
finally found your email on your fb fans page. Just an fyi.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me and thanks for your time.
take care, peter