More Intel….

As I type this we are getting hit with a ton of snow…. They think we are going to get another 6 inches in the lower country.  To be honest, as long as I can get to my hunting spots I really don’t mind the snow….  I really try to refine my clothing selection so I can stay warm and dry during the hunt.  This year I wearing some stuff from Buckwear and StormKloth.  So far so good, for me the the key is not getting too hot while walking into the stand.  Some of my spots are pretty far in and you can really work up a sweat so I need to make sure that I don’t start the hike with too much clothing.  If case you are wondering Max-1 is the camo I usually wear…. I trust it.

So what have I been seeing out there???  Well, there is alot of snow and all the water sources are frozen.  The deer are also starting to scrape pretty heavily.  I found what looks like an old mining road that has about 8 scrapes in about a 200 yard line.  I think that is going to be my Number 1 spot.  It is on the top of a little knob….

The Road and a Glove… 🙂

A Scrape

Scrapes in a bedding area

I also found a pretty cool little Corral in a different area that has a little spring next to it…. I put a camera in this spot… Hopefully something shows up….

The Corral

The Spring

How about a mule deer that I picked up on camera???