Money in the Bank – Pre-Season Fitness!!!

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What’s the one thing, the one thing that the western hunter can do in the off-season to make us more successful during the season? Scouting? Hanging Trail Cams? Glassing? Shooting? Sure all of those help but if you can’t get to the animal it was all for nothing. How many times have you heard stories about the monster that got away? We have all heard the stories, “He was just out of range and I couldn’t get a shot”. Well the person couldn’t get a shot because they couldn’t move to a better location. I have first hand experience. About 16 years ago I drew an elk tag in one of the better units in NM. I was having a pretty rough hunt. I was seeing bulls but I just wasn’t see the bull that I wanted to kill. Soooo… the last night of the hunt came and the bulls were going nuts, it was pretty obvious that a new bull had come into the area that I was hunting. I was glassing some pretty big country and I glassed a true NM GIANT!!!! Seriously, this was one of the biggest bulls that I have ever seen, he was pushing 400inch…. Easily. So the chase was on, well kind of, I didn’t have a chance in hell of getting in the right position to kill that bull. That was my big bull that got away.

So what is the answer? How do we get these animals killed? When it comes down to it there is no way that we can chase down any animal. It just doesn’t happen but we can give ourselves a fighting chance in getting in front of these animals.  How do we give ourselves that chance?  Well, I call it “Money in the Bank”, let me explain.

Every two weeks like good little soldiers of society we get paid and every two weeks we put a few bucks into a savings account.  Why do we put that money away?  We put it away so that some day when we really need it that we can pull it out and use it.  That is same reason that we should make sure that we are in the best shape that we can be when the hunting seasons start.  Hopefully, you won’t need to dig too deep but in a pinch  it sure is nice to be able to push beyond your known limits to get the job done.

So, if you are a person of the outdoors now is the time to start putting money in the bank.

Over the next we weeks I am going to be describing my journey in getting ready for the mountain.   This blog is not going to be real-time because I want to be able to document my results not only in a qualitative way but in a quantitative way.

Sooo… Let the games begin!!!!