Youth Encouragement Program

For many of us, our first deer or first fish is a right of passage, it is when a young woman or young man becomes part of the web of life. It is when he or she accepts the responsibility of taking a life and begins to understand that we are all connected. Water, Earth, Wind and Fire. At our core we are hunter-gathers. The purpose of this project will be to encourage youth to continue the traditions of outdoor sports. The project is designed to raise funds to give small “encouragement packages” to kids that Hunt,Fish or just enjoy the outdoors. The packages will consists of hats, videos and other items that I can get donated or can purchase with these funds.

I will not make ANY money off of this and I will incurred the majority of the shipping costs. If you want a “look at the books” I will be more than happy to share this with you.

For me the bottom line is we need to encourage kids to stay active in the outdoors, hopefully your donation can swing the pendulum in favor of living a healthy active outdoor lifestyle.


I have created a Go Fund Me Account to help gather monetary donations and so you can track our progress.  If you wish to contribute, you can by clicking on this link:

If you wish to donate product you can just send me an email at

Again thank you for your support.
Jason “The New Mexico Sportsman” Amaro

Additional Information

How will we determine who will get the Youth Encouragement Packs?

All Kids under the age of 18 will be eligible.   They will be nominated by the public via my Facebook and Social Media Outlets.  I MUST be able to get in contact with the parents to make sure that everything is ok.  Kids just need to be doing something in the outdoors, Hunting, Fishing, Hiking, Camping, Fly Tying… ANYTHING.  I will keep giving until I have nothing left.

WOW.. More Fly Fishing Love… Confluence Films has stepped up and sent some videos and some awesome swag



Kirk Werner has given me some preferred pricing on some Olive the Woolly Bugger books… THESE ARE AWESOME..



Picture of what the packs…


YEP Packs


The hats are in..


In an effort to be completely transparent below is a log of what is happening to your money and gifts.  It might be a little overkill but it is the right thing to do.



Backcountry Hunters and Anglers have donate a Youth Membership to be added to every pack… AWESOME…

Things are looking really great.



GOOD NEWS… Just got some goodies from the Retired Paws Organization.

They donate a 30 survival bracelets for the Youth Encouragement Packs.



First Draft of the Logo…




Just sent Logo ideas to Al Q. for some feedback and hopefully drafts.  Once we get those back I will send them to Sports Accessories to get the hats made.  I am still looking for fishing DVD’s, I have faith that those will come or I will figure something out.


Just got permission from Pure Elevation to post the fact that they are selling me the DVD’s for $2 a piece.  Thanks Guys.. So the initial order will be 10 DVD’s


Just sent $20 for DVD’s, I am also going to use a Paypal Account to keep track of everything. It will be much easier that way and more transparent.


Transferred 113.67 to Account. Not real pleased with the way it transfers money because I can’t do it piece meal.  I need to send it all of nothing.  Also, Gofundme does take their cut.  Not Perfect but so I will need to make sure I keep this up-to-date… I will be sending $20 to Pure Elevations for DVD’s.  He is giving me a great break so it will really help. I just asked if I can make the pricing public, I want people to see what we are getting for  $20.


Hey Guys..

You know that I seldom ask for help so this is a change for me.  I am looking for some seed money to get this project started.  As you know in years past I had given stuff that I had to kids that have enjoyed the outdoors.  I want to continue that and I am looking for any monetary donations that you can help with.  ALL the money will be used to create encouragement packs that I will give to kids.   I will not make any money off of this and I will end up loosing money but no biggie..

SO if you can please contribute…

Again thanks for all your support.


I am going to use this page so people can see how the money from you YEP is used.

Again thank you for helping out.