Jim Lane Resigns…

Ok… I want to stress that for the citizens of NM I hope that it isn’t as bad as it looks.

As scheduled the Emergency Commission Meeting took place in ABQ.  No big deal…   The first thing that was strange is that Dan Brooks was sitting in for JIM LANE… So they called the meeting…  Then they immediately went to a closed door session… TWO HOURS later they came out… TWO HOURS is a long time for a closed door session…  When they came out they basically said, LANE RESIGNED AND RJ IS IN..  No explanations… Then they scattered..

A few things about RJ

– From what I have seen he always aligns himself with the Cattle Growers/LO/OF/etc… the Non-Average Sportsman…

– He was CONVICTED of Hunter Harassment Follow this link….

Also here are a few random thoughts…

This is the news release that came out  CLICK HERE   Look at the title of the Doc LANEGONE… Talk about NO LOVE for the dude…. For some reason they have CUT TIES QUICKLY.   We have had Dir’s that have been busted and convicted of trespassing that have gotten more love than this.  Also, notice that Lane’s name is NOWHERE in the Document… NOWHERE…  IMO, this is about as shady as it gets.

The Commission doesn’t owe us ANYTHING but this is the type of shady business that causes mistrust.