Interesting Opinion Letter from AG about NR Quotas!

This is good news… It looks like people are starting to get nervous in Santa Fe and people are starting to ask questions.

As you guys know Oryx, Sheep and Ibex don’t abide by the 78%-22% Resident to Non-resident quotas that the rest of the draw species go by… It is basically a free for all.  UNLIKE MOST States Residents don’t have any advantage for these species.  In fact, there have been some years that most of these tags go to NR.

So Todd Stevenson asked for an opinion for the Attorney Generals Office on the impacts of federal legislation on this ruling.  WELL, The good news is that it looks like the exclusion of Oryx, Ibex and Sheep from the state quotas doesn’t have merit anymore.  The below link takes you to the PDF…. It is a pretty interesting read.

Attorney General’s Opinion