How about some Trail Cam Pictures???

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Hey everybody….

Many of you are heading out this weekend for the start of your seasons… I still need to wait until January, I drew a late season Coues Deer Tag.  Last year I found that I my camera recon was a little off because I was tracking deer all year but once the rut started all bets were off.  While I am going to still hang cameras all year I am going to focus more and funnels and saddles instead of water or mineral sources.  I drew a tag in a unit that I usually don’t so I really need to hit the hills and let my cameras do some scouting for me… SOOOO How about some pictures???

Look at this little bear… WOW he seems shaggy and HOT!!!

How about a Mulie??? I think this is the same deer… FYI these two cameras are 1 mile apart.

THIS IS WHAT I AM LOOKING FOR…. He is definately a shooter…

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