End to the AZ Season.

Well, tag soup in Arizona.  Okay,some background… The unit that I had hunted earlier in the season was closed in December so I had to find something in the southern part of the state to hunt. Thank God, I have a good buddy in Tucson that helped me out with some good spots.  So, I left the pines behind and headed for the desert.  This was going to be totally different.  In the desert there really aren’t any funnels or travel corridors, everything is basically flat.

So you are basically left with two options; sit water and let them come to you or spot and stalk.  Well, we had setup some cameras and we were getting one buck coming into a tank during the night but the does were coming in during the day.  The hope was that these does would eventually have a buck in-tow.  Well, it hadn’t rained for 3 months… Until I showed up.  Either way I was seeing does and a few stink pigs.. BUT then the Mule Deer Gods started tempting me.  As you know I am trying to finish my Coues Slam with a Coues Deer in AZ.  SOOOOO I am really holding out for a Coues but then this guy showed up… UGH!!!  I have never seen a Mulie like this on the hoof.  Man, he is nice….  I have never been worked up over a mulie like this before…  His body size is just something that I am not used to, DANG!!!  SOOO, What happened.. Well, I spent the next few days glassing and following does hoping that he would show up.  NOTHING!!!!  But you never know it could have happened…

Sooo… it was a great season. I learned a ton about different country and I am ready to get back at it.