Days 5 and 6… and so it ends!!!

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For me a successful hunt is if I could have killed something with a rifle. J-

Day 5

This morning I snuck into a little pinch point so I could check a camera and hunt a new spot.  This spot is/was about .5 miles from the road and has a nice little spring in the area.  This area is great for rattling because any deer that come in are funneled thru a bottle neck and then it opens up to a little meadow. Once they hit the meadow it would be easy to get a shot.

I got to the spot in the dark, pulled the SD from the camera and this is what I found…

and then these two jokers on New Years Eve….

And then this… I need to reserve judgment because if you look real hard you can see an OLD road thru the area… But he spun my camera around so I didn’t get to many more pictures…  I just wish people would leave stuff alone but that is all part of hunting public land..

After looking at the pictures and waiting for the sun to come up I took a quick little walk around the area… There was NO deer sign but it was obvious that that cow had been in the area for the entire week and there was a mountain lion in the area.  I should have taken a picture of the track but I just forgot.  The thing about pinch points is that everything is funneled thru them… Just not deer.

So I stuck it out until 9:00 am then I decided to do a little still hunting and use this opportunity to do a little scouting… The plan was to cover .25 miles then sit, let the area settle just a little and then do some calling to see if I could get anything to come in.  Did it work?  Well I stayed warm and I found out that most of the rutting activity (i.e. scraping) was along a very particular ridge.  There must be a buck running in that area.  I setup a trail cam over a scrape line so hopefully I will get a picture of the deer that is king of that ridge.

Day 6

The last day of the season…  I decided that I needed to give the scrape line that I sat the first day one last try.  I got there at sun-up and I started the wait. As I walked into to my little spot it was obvious that there was still a buck working the area.  Most of the scrapes had been freshened in the last few days and nobody had been in the area.  I had high hopes that I would be able to finally get a chance at a buck that I wanted to take.  Well, needless to say it was a slow morning.  I did have two does come by but that was it.  I think that this little knob really has some potential, but I just need to learn how the deer move in the area.

Sooo with that my season end….  Where does that leave me?  Well, more determined that ever…. I need some time to gather my thoughts… But I promise I will give them to you…. After I check my cameras…