Days 3 and 4 – DEER EVERYWHERE!!!

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It has been said that the love of the chase is an inherent delight in man-a relic of an instinctive passion. – Charles Darwin

Wow what a great quote…  I pulled it from my Runners World.  Hunters love the Chase.

Day 3

WOW… Great Day, I must admit that I have always hunted hard but I haven’t always put myself in the best position to succeed because I haven’t been aggressive enough or I didn’t have confidence in a spot.  This year I am in a new unit and I have nothing to lose.  SOOOO  What happened?  Well, I hope I don’t regret it but I passed on a 75ish buck this afternoon.  I think that there are some real monsters in this little area and I just need to be patient.  I am hunting a scrape line that was an old wagon trail.  You can still see the ruts from the wheels. It is a pretty neat area.  What I have found is that the deer in this area use these old roads as travel corridors and really make alot of scrapes along them.

The morning started out COLD and slow….  20 degrees and nothing was moving.  If you have ever hunted Coues deer you probably know that these deer just don’t get moving until the sun gets up and the weather gets a little warmer.  So I was praying for a calm sunny day and that is just what happened.  About 10:00 am I had a group of does walk up the scrape line so things were looking good.  My only concern is that they were not dragging a buck behind them.  That usually means that the rut hasn’t really kicked off or the bucks are on LOCK-DOWN.   So I decided just to stick it out.  Sooner a later a buck was either going to use this trail to scent check does or to check his scrape.

SOO the wait was on.  Sometimes I hate, hunting from the ground and today was one of those days.  For some reason I was just not liking the setup but around 1:00pm I heard a buck raking a bush so I got ready.  If the buck came up the trail it would be a easy 35 yard shot. Very doable.  Before I knew it the buck was crossing my shooting lanes, I saw that he was maybe pushing 75 inches so I decided that it wasn’t his day to take a dirt nap.  As he crossed my shooting lanes I grunt at him and drew on him for practice.  It could have been over but this buck at this time wasn’t right.  If I get the chance later in the week will I let an arrow fly at a similar or smaller buck?  I don’t know, but today this buck walked.

Day 4

Same spot as the day before, I have a good feeling about this little area.  It just seems to funnel deer. Before sunrise I packed and setup a ground blind.  Hopefully, it would be able to stay a little warmer and be a lot more comfortable.  Again it was cold as hell…. 16 degrees. brrrr… Oh well…  You are only cold until you go numb.

Again the wait was on.  Around 8:30 I started a calling sequence of buck grunts and doe bleats.   A  little buck came running in like a love sick puppy dog.  I love to watch these little young guys during there first rut, they don’t really know what to do or how to act.  This guys acted like little dogs chasing a ball.  He came in jumping around looking for a hot doe but all he found was a lot of nothing.

How about a view from the blind???

So the good thing is that I am seeing deer, the bad thing is that I am not seeing the deer I want.  That is okay, as far as I am concerned it has been a successful hunt,  I know that I could have killed the 75 incher.

So what are my plans?  Well, I really need to go and check a trail camera and I want to take spend some time in another funnel.  I just don’t know if I am going to make it in there before the season ends.

We will see….


PS… I have only been hunting the mornings because I need check in at home, but mom is doing a lot better.. Thanks for everybody’s support..