Commission Betray Resident Hunters!

All this went down on Thursday and I have been stewing about it ever since. As you know we recently fought for years to have the Terk Injunction Lifted, by having the injunction lifted the normal quotas were applied to Sheep. This a good thing. After the Injunction was lifted there were some Sheep Hunt Codes that residents got all the tags because the way the math worked out. I was ok with that.. It was the law and that is just where the numbers fell. WELL, The Commission has chosen to play with the Hunts Codes so residents will loose around 12 tags a year. Basically they combined a number of hunt codes by no rhyme or reason just so Outfitters and NR will get tags.This is special interests at it worst. The Commission CAVED to the OUTFITTERS… It is just so obvious it is disgusting, this is why people have lost faith in the way that the Commission is created. IT IS WAY TO POLITICAL. PLEASE SHARE, LIKE THIS POST AND SPREAD THE WORD.