Cheap and Easy Paper Tuner!!!!

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If you have been an archer for anytime at all you have probably heard about paper tuning your bow.  We all know that it is one of many tools that we can use to indicate how an arrow is coming out of the bow.  You need to paper tune your bow whenever you make a change to your setup.  Most people either go to a bow shop and use their tuner or they make one.  I am not going to rehash the making of an old school PVC Paper Tuner because you can find that material all over the internet, just Google it.  While these PVC Paper Tuners are fuctional they are often what I call one and done.  In other-words, I just use it once then I store, it stash, toss it on my case it ends up as a Light-Saber for my step-son.  After that it usually will end up in a pile of odds and ends in a wheelbarrow stashed in the yard.


Here is my solution, I call it the “Tuner in a Box”. Rather than going thru some elaborate diatribe on how to create this tuner I will just show you one first.  I am sure you will have that, “Hey that is nifty, why didn’t I think of that?”

So here is it..

Several Things to Consider:

  • Make sure the box is small enough so it isn’t wobbly.
  • I like to staple the box to my wooden bench for added support
  • Make sure you open the top and bottom of the box so your arrow is only going thru one piece of paper
  • You could support the sides of the box with books or even bricks
  • If you doubt it test it against a full-size tuner, the results are the same
  • This could also work in camp

I have always said, we often make these too difficult, this quick little trick should help you out.




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