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Interesting Camera Pick-up!

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I am sure some of you saw this but I wanted to put it in my blog for archival purposes….  I picked up Zulu on one of my trail cameras last week.  Zulu is the dog that was lost with Robert Sumrall.  There is now a $4,000 finders fee on this dog so I am sure people are going to really start looking for him.  I just hope nobody gets hurt in the process.  I have some very strong feelings on Sumrall and they aren’t very positive so I will keep them to myself.  This dog is lost for no reason other than ignorance of his owner.

Here is the original picture that where I got the dog on camera.


You can read the story by following this link:


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Almost Show Time!!!

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As many of you know I drew a late season Coues Deer tag in Unit 24.  It isn’t my favorite Unit but I will need to make due.  Some say that there are Coues Deer all over the Unit and to some extent that is very true, the hard part is finding nice pockets of deer so you can do a little shopping before you decide to let the arrow fly.  I won’t lie and I will say that I have had a hard time finding good pockets of deer. I have found a few deer here and there but nothing like I have seen in AZ or in other Units.  We have also had some pretty good storms that have left a lot snow in the high-country. One of my spots is under a foot of snow right now, I am not sure if the deer are going to move out or if I can even get to the country that I want to hunt.  Time will tell, I plan on heading out this weekend to do some serious scouting.

In the meantime how about a few pics?


I scattered a little Buck Urine to see if I could gets some bucks to cross this little saddle…  Well, it worked, Kind of.  These are two TINY Coues deer….  This picture was taken on the 15th and you can see that there Tarsal Glands are clean as can be…  GRRRR…..


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Some More Trail Cam Pictures…

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Hey Everybody…

Well it is about a month until the archery season starts so things are going to start heating up…  Last year I scouted to early and I think I blew some of the deer out of the country.  This year I am going lay back a little longer and really hit the hills about a week before the season.   That being said, I have a few animals on camera that I thought you guys might be interested in seeing…

Nice Little Buck... He is on the hit list



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Trail Cam Pictures!!!!

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Yeah yeah… I know it has been awhile since I posted some trail camera pictures but things have been pretty sparse out there….  I am having a hard time figuring out deer in Unit 24.  I have found a few good trails, saddles and funnels but the deer have stopped moving…  They don’t need to, there is water everywhere.  People talk about how dry it is and how we haven’t had rain but if they really got out and looked they will see that there is water in just about every canyon.  Maybe not a huge pond but there are little springs that are holding water.  Anyway.. Here are a few pictures…


How about a nice little Coues Deer Buck?

Little Buck

How about a Jason?

A Jason

How about a Turkey?


How about a floppy earned Mule deer doe?


How about a highcountry STINK PIG???


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More Trail Cam Pictures

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Man… This new unit is killing me… I am picking up a ton of mule deer but no Coues deer… I hope I can find a few this winter… We will see… Anyway.. I decided that I need to setup a cam in a saddle and stay away from water sources until the monsoons end.  This is a cool little spot that looks perfect but I really didn’t pick anything up of too much interest…  After spending alot of time in here I just think that the habitat is marginal…  Anyway…  Stay tuned.

Mulie Buck

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Elk in 24???

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The other night I hit the hills to get a camera before my AZ coues deer hunt.  I wanted to get it out of the woods before the NM archery deer season started.  I pulled it for two reasons, I didn’t want to tip anybody off that I am watching an area and I didn’t want to get the thing stolen.  This particular camera is over a tank that a few people know about.  I dont’ know if there are any coues deer in this area and I didn’t pick any up on my camera so I might need to look elsewhere.  I am not totally ready to give up on the area but as of right now things don’t look so good.  Anyway, it is in Unit 24, there are a few elk in the unit but not many.  I am really not sure why but it is what it is.  I don’t even think there is a hunt in there this year.  It was nice to see these two bulls in the area.  As you can see they are hitting the tank pretty regularly.  They aren’t huge but they sure are healthy.

The Boys

How about a closeup?

Cool Raghorn

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How about some Trail Cam Pictures???

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Hey everybody….

Many of you are heading out this weekend for the start of your seasons… I still need to wait until January, I drew a late season Coues Deer Tag.  Last year I found that I my camera recon was a little off because I was tracking deer all year but once the rut started all bets were off.  While I am going to still hang cameras all year I am going to focus more and funnels and saddles instead of water or mineral sources.  I drew a tag in a unit that I usually don’t so I really need to hit the hills and let my cameras do some scouting for me… SOOOO How about some pictures???

Look at this little bear… WOW he seems shaggy and HOT!!!

How about a Mulie??? I think this is the same deer… FYI these two cameras are 1 mile apart.

THIS IS WHAT I AM LOOKING FOR…. He is definately a shooter…

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