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More YEP Winners…

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This is great to see…  I love it when kids make the most out of great tags…



My Sons name is Christopher he is 12 years old, got his first chance at a Bull this last year in the Valle Vidal….bagged a nice 6X6 bull opening morning

My daughter name is Miranda she is 10 years old, loves to play basketball and be in the outdoors ,she also had her first chance at a bull this past year in the Valle Vidal…she also bagged a nice 7×7 bull opening morning …




2013 NM Rifle Antelope Hunt

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Hey Everyone… Here is the video for my 2013 Rifle Antelope Hunt…

Good times… Thanks for watching..


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How about a little FF for Largemouth Bass in Bill Evans and some trail cam pics??

Early Season Archery Coues Deer Success

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I was very fortunate to take this great buck.


Coues Trail Cam Pictures

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How about some Trail Cam pictures with a little narration??

16B Scouting Pictures!

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Hey Everybody… How about some 16B Elk and Bear Scouting Pictures?  These are all public land..  There are a few more bear pictures that you can see on my Facebook Page if you are interested…

Facebook Link







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OK… This is could be good news, if the Game and Fish Commission takes the advise of the Dept.

For Cougars.

1) They are considering increasing the bag limit to TWO lions

2) Removing Depredation and Road Kills from harvest limits


For Bears

1) Removing Depredation and Road Kills from harvest limits.


For the Lions, having a two bag limit makes sense… We seldom hit the quota to start with and it usually takes dogs to catch a cat.  Once the dog-owner has filled his/her tags then they pretty much done for the year UNLESS they can find a shooter…


For both Bears and Lions and removing the road kills and depredation from the harvest limit is AWESOME.  I ran the numbers last year and I can’t remember what they were be well over 50% of the quota was filled by road kills and depredation mortality.

I need to stress that these are not a done deal but it sure would be nice if the Department approved these recommendations.

For more info on the meeting follow this link


My 2012 Western Turkey Primer

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2012 Archery Javelina!! Success

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I love me some Javelina….



SB 33, More Sheep Tags for Auction!

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Looks like they are going to increase the Sheep Auction tags from 2 to 4.  Overall, I think this is pretty good..

You can see the bill by following this link..

SB 33