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Black Creek in the Gila!!!

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Hey Guys..

Money is always a good thing… It looks like Black Creek is going to get money to help with stream restoration.  If you don’t know Black Creek has one of the few populations of fish-able Gila Trout….

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Dumbest Fish in America??

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This is an interesting article about the San Juan…. This guy is saying that the Juan has the Dumbest Fish in America….  Hmm… That is an interesting point of view.  I think fish for fish those are some of the smartest fish in America… I think he fails to take into account that there are 20,000 per mile… That is a ton of fish…

AND THEN…. ESPN calls the Gila Trout fishing HARD?  HUH??? Cutt’s are the easiest fish to catch….

Brother Please…


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