AZ Thieves, Dry Springs and Cages!!!!

I guess there is no other way of saying it…  My camera was stolen in AZ, I have had cameras all over NM for years and I have never had a camera stolen.  I leave one out for 3 weeks in AZ and someone steals it.  If it isn’t yours keep your dang hands off of it.  From what I can tell it is acceptable behavior to steal cameras in AZ.  I just don’t understand!!!!  It does drive me that much harder… I will kill a deer in AZ…

SOOO on our trip Cisco and I were planning on finding a spring that I had found on one map…  This little spring was only on one of the software packages that I use so it was going be a little honey hole that nobody knew about or it was going to be DRY!!!  The spring was about 3 miles in the backcountry. We would have to bushwhack thru a lot of country but it might be worth the hike.

Once we got to the spring we would find a high-point were we could glass the area for game, setup camp and enjoy the the wilderness.  Well that didn’t happen, when we got to the spring we found a WHOLE LOT OF NOTHING… It was dry as a bone.  Here is a picture of the area where the spring should be coming out of the hill.

So we had two options; stick around and glass some not so promising country or “Let’er Buck” and head back to the truck and do some more scouting in a different area.   Well, the determining factor was that we were LOW on water…. I mean LOW LOW..  We wouldn’t have enough water to drink and make dinner… So we bailed.

But we took this cool little picture first…

SOOO… I loaded my 70lb pack and off went…

Here is a picture of some of the scenery…


How about a fried Cisco Kid???

Well we made it back…. Thank God I always carry 7 gallons of water in the diesel.  It made life a lot easier…  So we setup camp and crashed.

The night was pretty uneventful, Cisco didn’t even run around all night… It start raining so Cisco crawled in the tent and crashed out.

SOOOO the next morning we were off to find another little saddle and tank.  Now this is where things got strange, we came across a cage or serious corral of some sort.  Look at these pictures. This cage was really meant to keep something in… Wolves maybe????

Swinging Gate????

This thing is no joke!

After exploring this little area for awhile we took off to find our little spring… Well we found a wet spot…  I bet this will hold some water after a few rain showers.

So that was our 2nd scouting trip in AZ.   I always try to not dwell on the negative so I will just chalk up the camera getting stolen to some dirt bag that is going to be cursed on there next hunting trip.    I am not sure when I will be able to get back into this area but the season starts in a few weeks.  I want to hunt the later part of the hunt so I dont have to deal with the monsoons and the antlers will hopefully not be balled up so much.  We will see….

Take Care.