Almost Show Time!!!

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As many of you know I drew a late season Coues Deer tag in Unit 24.  It isn’t my favorite Unit but I will need to make due.  Some say that there are Coues Deer all over the Unit and to some extent that is very true, the hard part is finding nice pockets of deer so you can do a little shopping before you decide to let the arrow fly.  I won’t lie and I will say that I have had a hard time finding good pockets of deer. I have found a few deer here and there but nothing like I have seen in AZ or in other Units.  We have also had some pretty good storms that have left a lot snow in the high-country. One of my spots is under a foot of snow right now, I am not sure if the deer are going to move out or if I can even get to the country that I want to hunt.  Time will tell, I plan on heading out this weekend to do some serious scouting.

In the meantime how about a few pics?


I scattered a little Buck Urine to see if I could gets some bucks to cross this little saddle…  Well, it worked, Kind of.  These are two TINY Coues deer….  This picture was taken on the 15th and you can see that there Tarsal Glands are clean as can be…  GRRRR…..


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