All about the Martinez Family!!!

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Hey Guys… I love it when people send me stories like this… Vinny and I met about 10 years ago.  I was leaving the office one day and some dude was showing off some deer he had killed, it was Vinny…  Ever since then we have been buds..

Anyway, He recently was telling me about a fishing trip he took wit the family and I asked him to have the boys write something up for me.. sooo here it is…



My name is Elijah, I just turned 8 on July 16. My parents, my brother Zachary and I went to Red River for the 4th of July . I love to go because the parade, and playing on the playground near the convention center is fun. The fireworks at Eagle Nest Lake is loud and bright! We like to fish at Red River city pond. My grandparents stayed in a rental cabin that we visited, and they have a cool small pond. My grandpa asked us if we want go fishing and we said yes, so we went over. My dad fixed the hook for me, with a sinker and a bobber. I know how to put bait on the hook. I can cast the line into pond and I used the red fireballs. I waited till I saw the bobber go down, then up, then down again. I pulled my rod up hard and there is a fish on the hook, so I reeled it in real fast. It’s hard to reel because it’s a big fish so my dad helped me hold the rod and I reeled it in. My dad pulled rod up, and pulled the fish out of the pond. It’s big! My fish was 17 inches. We were all happy. We caught 5 fish all together. My dad didn’t fish because he is happy to watch me and my brother catch the big fish.

My name is Zachary. I am 6 years old. I love to go fishing with my brother Elijah, my dad and mom. We go to Red River every year for the 4th of July and camp for 4 days. I like to run and get candy at the parade, play on the playground, especially climb the rock wall and slide. We go to Eagle Nest Lake at night to watch fireworks. There are cool colors. My dad helped me put a hook, a sinker and a small yellow/orange bobber so I can watch if it goes down under water to let me know the that fish bit my bait. My grandparents stayed at a cabin that has a pond where there are big fish. I told my dad I saw a big fish. I told my dad to hurry up so I can catch the fish. I put worms on it that my dad dug from our backyard. The bobber went under the water and it didn’t come up so I reeled it fast but it was hard to reel, so I told my dad to help me and my dad held the rod while I reeled, and my dad pulled out the line with a big fish. I grabbed the fish, and yelled “big fish”. I was so happy. My dad measured it and it was 18 inch fish. We had fun fishing at that pond. My brother caught 3 and I caught 2. I love to go fishing with my dad.

Our family always makes a 4th of July trip to Red River, NM, our 8th annual trip. We got married on 4th of July 1998. it is our 12th anniversary. Hopefully we’ll keep our traditional trip every year. We stay at different places and make reservations ahead of time, even a year ahead. We do like to stay in River Ranch Rv park. They have full hook ups, (TV and Microwave) haha, which is good for us.. I pull a 21 Ft travel trailer. Red River is an awesome place to kick back, watch the boys play around the playground, walk the town, let my wife do some shopping, whatever, because we guys always go fishing in different places like their city pond, and Fawn Lakes. It is not far to walk to fish or do something in town. Only 30 miles from Red River to Eagle Nest Lake to watch the fireworks. The parade is always good. Lots of candies & goodies. They have a few different activities for the kids to participate in. See you in Hill, Vinny

The Martinez MEN!!!!!