A-Plus Proposals… Are out..

Okay by now you guys know that I pretty much don’t care what people think… I call it like I see it… Well, Game and Fish tried to pull a fast one.. Seriously…  The original idea was that G and F was going to have several options for us to look at.. We started with 6 but then last night only 2 showed up… Option 2 – Do Nothing Option 1- make A-Plus like E-Plus.  This wouldn’t do ANYTHING to help resolve the issues of NR getting 73% of the tags…  It looked like we were in a no-win situation….  I WAS PISSED.. I was wondering why we went thru all of this drama….

So this morning I started calling people trying to figure out what happened, I called everybody I could think of and everybody had seen the same thing…  Well, as the morning progressed NMWF called and said…”Guess what, we have a third option”  it is a full draw…  I would love to dig to the bottom of all of this and I have some ideas but it isn’t my place to let the cat out of the bag.


So follow this LINK to get the summary!!!!

SO… If you ask me OPTION 3 is the only option… FULL DRAW!!!!!