4 Days in AZ!!! A Brand New World

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Wow… What a few days.  So I finally made it back to AZ, the plan was to see what the deer were doing this time of year and hunt like a madman.  If you have hunted any whitetails before then you have heard that this time of year they living the high-life.  Eating, Drinking, Sleeping.  Well, this year we have gotten a ton of rain so there was Food, Water and Bedding EVERYWHERE…

Well how about some Food!!!!

Look at this nice plump acorns…

Man this is my favorite time of the year to munch on them…. I picked about 2.5 Gallons… I am not sure what I am going to do with them yet but they sure are good.  I was given a few links to make Acorn Meal out of them and use them in stuff like Pancakes, Oat Meal and as a kind of floor.

Anyway, since watching shows like Survivorman and Dual Survival everything now looks like food… 🙂

And Water, We have had a really good Monsoon Season…

And how about some bedding…

Okay so these deer were living the High-Life… I was expecting that Black dude from the Miller High-Life commercial to bring a case of beer to my pop-up blind.

So what happened, Well if you want the Cliff Notes…  20 Mule Deer Does, 4 Mule Deer Bucks, 3 Coues Does, 0 Coues Bucks, 50 Elk and about 40 Turkeys.

If you want the Hunters Version, here is goes.  As I said before, in AZ you can bait but the issue is that there is SO much feed everywhere these deer have all the food they need.  Sitting water is out of the question because of all the rain and bedding, well there is cover area.  A mature Coues Deer buck will spend his entire year in a 1 square mile area and as they get older that area shrinks.  The good thing is that once you have found them they you can come up with a plan.  The bad part is that you need to find them.

Needless to say I think I have found a spot that I really think has potential to put out a MONSTER!!!  This area is remote and hard to get into and out of…  If nothing else this was a great scouting trip.  This unit will not be open in December but it will be open in January…  So the plan is to hang a few camera’s in along some funnels and try and find a BEAST!!!!

So while I didn’t kill anything on this trip I think I have set myself up for some late season success.  SOO Stay Tuned!!!!!!