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Photariums? Thoughts

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Still trying to wrap my head around this one.  There have been times when I have been a FISH KILLIN’, FISH FRYIN’, CATCH and RE-GREASE machine.  No fish was safe.  It was my personal mission to take my limit every time I was on the water.












Then I had that “Ah-Ha” moment.  My mom said, “Mijo, it would be a lot cheaper to go to Albertsons and buy fish if that what it is all about”.  Hmm…. Ok, Mom… Point Made.

I also believe that fishermen go thru stages; I want to catch a fish, I want to catch a few fish, I want to catch all the fish and then I just want to go fishing.   BUT that is a different story.

Anyway… I have always had the utmost respect for fish and have always treated them as “nicely” as I could.  I am sure if they could talk they would probably say something different, As I just jabbed a hook thru their mouth.

BUT there is a point where a fish is a fish…  What do you think of the Photarium?









Basically, the idea is that you get your hero shot and the fish stays wet.  Have we “Jumped the shark?”

I can see using this if you are cruising a river on a float trip, but I AM NOT packing one of these bad boys into the Wilderness.  :)

Here is a link if you are interested in finding out more info…

Btw- if they want to send me one for free, I will send some sweet pics of Gila Trout in one… heheheh

Tight Lines


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New Career Path – All In

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My resignation letter…  Don’t be afraid to follow your dreams


All ( I am sure I missed a few people so fwd if you want)

10 years ago when I first walked thru the doors in Long Island I had no idea what was in store for me.  I was a kid with dreams of trying to “make it in private industry”, and trying to make my mark in the world.  Ultimately, I was wanting to make a difference, not only for our clients but for my future.  I have had some amazing adventures, developed some great friendships and I will always be grateful for all the opportunities CSM/NTST has afforded me.    May 15th, 2015 will be my last day at NTST.

  • Harriett Carmine – (Harriet Tubman of the NTST Underground Network)  – What can I say?  When my mom and dad passed away you were the first one to reach out and see if I needed anything.  Your compassion and your ability to truly understand what is important will never be forgotten.  Just so you know every July 17th I say a  prayer for Neal and for your family.
  • John Blanchett – You have shown me that no matter what life gives us we need to keep moving forward.   We need to stay positive.  You never asked us to do something that you wouldn’t do.  You have been a true leader, mentor and friend.

Ok… Enough of that stuff… So what am I going to be doing?  I will be the New Mexico Sportsman Conservation Coordinator for Trout Unlimited. . I joke that I will be fly fishing for a living but that is only partially true.  I will be working on habitat/conservation issues in New Mexico.  The pay is going to be rough but I need to follow my passions.  I need to pursue what makes me and my family happy and healthy.



During the interview, I was asked why I wanted to work for TU.  I got a little choked up and I told them that I wanted my kids to point to the mountains and the streams and say “my dad fights for that”, I don’t’ want them to say my dad works for  “some company in KC”.  I want them to understand that their dad took a risk and  left a good job for the opportunity of  GREAT JOB.  I am sure that there will be struggles and battles but if I am going to fight I should fight for something that I believe in.  So next time when you are flying over my beloved State of New Mexico, look down, smile and say, “I know a guy that FIGHTS for all those amazing mountains and streams”.

Here is a quick little video that really made me think… I know it is about fly fishing but I think the underlying message is true.  If nothing else there is some great cinematography,  I hope the link works.

If you ever need help or just want to chat you can contact me at

As you know I have a hard time saying goodbye and I usually say something like, “Please take care of yourself”, so I will let my little Zoe give everyone a wave goodbye.












Jason, Candace and the Kids…

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