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NM List of Habitat Stamp Projects

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This is the list of Habitat Stamp Projects that are being considered.  A lot of good things that are on the table. FOR ME the big on is the Animas Creek Project… It could be good and good be bad, this is something we need to track.



Rio Puerco BLM
Socorro BLM
Cibola NF
Project No. Project Name Proposed Description
CB-2015-001 Rio Salado Riparian Restoration for Riparian Spp. Cut/stump treat saltcedar and Russian olive, and plant native riparian vegetation (willows/cottonwoods)
CB-2015-002 Cebolla Canyon Check Dams Reach 8 for Riparian Spp. Construct 15 1-3 ft rock check dams to aggrade the stream channel bed to fight erosion and restore riparian vegetation.
CB-2015-003 Elk Springs Thin for Elk, Ph. 4 Thin encroaching PJ by use of hand or mechanical thinning to open canopy for Jemez elk heards.
CB-2015-004 Albuquerque HSP Maintenance Maintain existing HSP projects.
CB-2015-005 Mertz Cebollita unit of El Malpais Thin for Deer Project will open up dense canopy by use of PJ and ponderosa pine mechanical thinning, and possibly prescribed fire.
CBS-2015-001 Socorro HSP Maintenance Maintain up to 12 wildlife structures within various landscapes to enable wildlife to utilize and disperse into otherwise suitable habitat.
CBS-2015-002 North San Mateo Thin – Sargent Canyon Unit; Unit 5 of 10 for Deer Mechanically treat 206 of 822 acres utilizing handcrews with chainsaws within unit 5 of 10.  Project would also serve as a pre-treatment for a planned prescribed burn. Project would be thinned in mosaic patterns to increase edge effect habitat.
CBS-2015-003 East Mag. Juniper Thin for Pronghorn, Rincon-Madera North Subunit 4 & 5 Mechanically treat  257 of 428 acres utilizing handcrews with chainsaws within units 4 and 5 of 17.  This project is part of a larger effort to effectrively treat entire watershed(s) utilizing a landscape management approach.
CBS-2015-004 Las Cabras Wildlife Water Replacement, 1 of 3  for Deer Replace rusted out 1300 gallon TT and t-post/wire exlcosure with a 3500 gallon metal TT and pipe rail fence. Existing storage does not keep up with wildlife use and exclosure requires annual maintenance due to elk use.
CBS-2015-005 Polvadera Mtn. Thin for Bighorn, Phase 3 of 6 Mechanically treat 250 of 700 acres ofpinon pine, one-seed juniper and mountain mahogany to enhance habitat condition for bighorn sheep/mule deer. Project would link past and planned habitat enhancement work within the Polvadera Mnt Landscape.
CF-2015-001 Cibola HSP Maintenance Maintenance on existing HSP structures on all 4 Districts on the Cibola National Forest.
CF-2015-002 Cibola Burns This proposal houses multiple burn proposals.  As prescriptions windows for individual burns open, funds will be allocated to that burn up to amount approved. Burn hot & largest area the $s will allow. Up to 20% of each unit could be thinned.
CF-2015-201 Sawyer Thin for Turkey Part of the Bluewater Plan. Mechanical treat 90 acrs to prepare some of the area for burning.   These untreated areas are alreadymarked.  Arch is complete and sites have been identified.
CF-2015-401 Northern Manzano Thin for Turkeys Trees would be thinned from below to residual 90-120 trees per acre to enhance generation of large roost trees for turkey.90 acres would be treated at $280/ac
*CF-2015-002  sub-burns that are ready if favorable conditions prevail:
Monighan NE Blk Andres Burn Blk
Monighan S Blk FR-180 Burn Blk
Baney Block Office Burn Blk
Gallinas Block E. Mag. Ph. 2 Blk
Chivato N. Boundary Burn Blk
Taos BLM
Carson NF
Kiowa NG
Santa Fe NF
Project No. Project Name Proposed Description
NEB-2015-001 Punche Netwire Fence Replacement for Pronghorn Removal of netwire fence to facilitate movement by pronghorn antelople, rebuild to 4-strand specifications
NEB-2015-002 East and North Montoso Man-made Seeps for Deer Create 2 earth plugs in draw to catch water and hold below ground with water piped to ground drinkers.  No cattle in this area.
NEB-2015-003 Red River Fish Habitat Improvement Place structures to improve habitat, remove barriers, and riparian improvement
NEB-2015-005 Taos HSP Maintenance Maintain existing HSP structures in safe and effecting condition.
NECF-2015-001 Carson NE HSP Maintenance Maintenance of existing HSP structures on all Districts on the Carson NF
NECF-2015-002 Carson Burns Prescribed burn 200 acres of ponderosa pine to improve foraging habitat for elk. The estimated cost is $150 per Acre. To be implemented at suitable location when burning windo is efective.
NECF-2015-003 Carson Ecosystem Health Thinning (need poly) Mechanicaly treat 200 Acres of Ponderosa pine and mixed conifer to improve foraging habitat for elk and turkey. The estimated cost to treat 200 acres is based on $225 per acre. Area selected will be based on suitability. NEPA completed.
NECF-2015-101 Canjilon Sage Tebuthiuron Treatment for Deer Treat Sagebrush with Tebuthiuron and reseed with forbs, native grasses, and native shrubs to improve deer winter range.
NECF-2015-201 Comanche Canyon Water Refurbishing for Deer and Cattle Repairing existing well and Installing new trough for cattle and enclosed ground drinker for wildlife.
NECF-2015-401 La Jara Trick Tanks for Elk, Ph. 2 and 3 Install two (2) 2500 gallon galvanized inverted umbrella trick and 2.5 acre enclosure. NEPA is Cleared
NEK-2015-001 K-66 Trick Tank for Deer Install 600 gallon fiberglass storage  tank, float box, drinker, catchment roof, and 1/2 acre fenced exclosure.  Kiowa already has the storage tank, float box, and drinker.  HSP would provide funds for fencing and catchment roof materials.
NEK-2015-002 K-27, K-36, K-65 Raptor Nest Platforms Install 3 artificial nest structures in areas where natural nest trees do not occur. Structures will consist of 15′ steel pipe with a metal platform attached to support raptor nests.
NESF-2015-001 Santa Fe HSP Maintenance Maintain existing HSP structures in safe and effective working condition.
NESF-2015-101 Mesa Gurule Trick Tank for Elk and Cattle Construct a pro-panel catchment to feed 5,000 gallon storage and 1 cattle trough and 1 enclosed ground drinker near end of Mesa Gurule, Coyote Rarnge District.
NESF-2015-308 Lower Jemez Fish Structures Replacement Remove approx. 25 failing instream log structures at developed fishing sites in the lower Jemez River and replace with rock structures using natural channel design. 319 priority wtrshd. Survey & design anticipated 2010. Potential partners NMDGF, NMT, TU
NESF-2015-604 La Sotella Thin for Burn Prep, for Deer, Ph. 2 Thin 200 acres in advance of a maintenance burn on 2,000 acres of deer and elk winter range.  Rx burn with FS funds done. This is in a PJ forest so a hot fire will be necessary to improve deer habitat.
Farmington BLM
Jicarilla RD
Project No. Project Name Proposed Description
NWB-2015-009 Farmington HSP Maintenance Maintain about 190 HSP projects.
NWB-2015-304 Manzanares Mesa Dixie Harrow for Deer Thin sagebrush and seed with grasses, forbs and shrubs beneficial to deer and elk.
NWB-2015-361 Manzanares Mesa Guzzler #2 for Deer Install guzzler to provide water for deer, elk and other wildlife.
NWB-2015-362 Carracas Mesa PJ Thin/Burn/Seed for Deer Selectively thin PJ, burn and seed to to increase herbaceous and browse forage for deer, elk and turkeys.
NWB-2015-363 Martin Glade Guzzler for Deer Install guzzler to provide water for mule deer, elk and other wildlife in area currently lacking sufficient water sources.
NWB-2015-365 Ute Mtn. Fence Modification for Pronghorn Moodify boundary fence between BLM and Ute Mtn. reservation to allow antelope passage.
NWB-2015-366 Barker Arroyo Well for Pronghorn Drill and equip a well to provide water to antelope, deer, elk and other wildlife in an area that has very limited water sources.
NWB-2015-368 Upper Pump Canyon PJ Thin/Burn/Seed for Deer Selectively thin PJ, burn slash and broadcast seed to increase herbaceous and shrubby production for the benefit of deer, turkeys, elk and bears.
NWF-2015-301 Sagebrush Treatments for Deer,  Ph. 3 MechinicallyTreat Big Sagebrush and seed in the canyon bottoms of the Ahogadero and Jaramillo Canyon bottoms.
NWF-2015-302 Bancos and Piedra Blanca Riparian Restoration Piedra Blanca and Bancos Canyon Restoration Species (willows and cottonwoods).
NWF-2015-303 Aspen Regeneration Fence Enclosures Aspen Regeneration and Fencing within Manuel, East Vaqueros (3), Campo, and Companero Canyons
NWF-2015-304 South Lost Lakes Burn Prescribe burn 748 acres of ponderosa pine and pinyon juniper to improve foraging habitat for deer.
NWF-2015-305 Erosion Control with Rock and Brush Soil Stabilization Structures Construct (50) Rock and Brush Soil Stabilization Structures in the Bixler/Ruben, Laguna Seca, Marcial, Ciruelas, Ahogadero, and Jaramillo Canyons to reduced erosion within the arroyos.
NWF-2015-306 Jicarilla RD HSP Maintenance Maintenance on existong HSP structures (22 structures)
Carlsbad BLM
Roswell BLM
Lincoln NF
Project No. Project Name Proposed Description
SEBC-2015-001 Owl Spring Enclosure for Construction of a quarter mile fence and installation of a submersible pump and solar panal at Owl Spring in the Carlsbad Field Office.
SEBC-2015-002 Hope Study Area 1 Trick Tank for Deer Construct a wildlife water unit with a 18′ X 27′ R-panel catchment; 2500 gallon storage tank; water line with drinker; 2 acre enclosure fence; HSP sign installed
SEBC-2015-003 Hope Study Area 2 Trick Tank for Deer Construct a wildlife water unit with a 18′ X 27′ R-panel catchment; 2500 gallon storage tank; water line with drinker; 2 acre enclosure fence; HSP sign installed
SEBC-2015-004 Reseeding for Quail Reseeding of vegetation in Habitiat Areas for the benefit of quail.  A total of seven miles of reseeding will take place within Habitat Evaluation Areas
SEBC-2015-005 Black River Aquatic Enhancement Project Ph. 2 of 3 Aquatic Enhacement on Black River Ph. 2 of 3; Close unnecessary trails and modify fences
SEBC-2015-006 Carlsbad HSP Maintenance Maintenance of selected projects
SEBR-2015-001 Roswell HSP Maintenance Perform maintenance on selected projects in the Roswell Field Office. Selected projects sent on seperate excel sheet for 2015
SEBR-2015-002 Godfrey Hills Trick Tank #2 for Elk Construct wildlife water unit with a 40’x20′ low profile R panel catchment; two 1800 gallon boss tanks; 2 acre enclosure; HSP sign
SEBR-2015-003 Vest Lake Trick Tank for Prairie Chickens Construct wildlife water unit with a 40×20′ low profile R panel catchement; 6000 gallon low profile fiberglass storage tank with drinker;2 acre enclosure; HSP sign
SEF-2015-101 Smokey Bear RD HSP Maintenance Annual maintenance of all HSP projects on the Smokey Bear RD for FY 2015
SEF-2015-102 North Capitan Wetland Protection – Copeland Canyon for Deer Fence spring source and associated wetlands to restore habitat and provide a quality, year round water source.
SEF-2015-103 Little Creek Trick Tank for Deer Install 3,500 gallon metal inverted umbrella style water storage tank and plumb to 6′ by 2′ metal drinker. Water would compliment habitat restoration performed during the Little Creek Thin SEF-2011-102.
SEF-2015-104 Lake Mountain Post and Pole for Elk Continue construction of post and pole fence to protect and restore seasonal wet meadow. Remove existing allotment fence splitting wetland in half.
SEF-2015-105 North Capitan Wetland Protection – Seven Cabins for Elk Fence out cattle to protect spring source and associated wetland.
SEF-2015-106 Madden PJ-PP Thin For Elk, Ph. 3 3rd phase of Madden Thinning Project. Would thin an additional 855 acres of pinon-juniper and ponderosa pine woodland to maintain a desired condition of 60% forage and 40% cover. Species that would benefit include mule deer, turkey and quail.
SEF-2015-107 North Divide Trick Tank for Install 3,500 galon metal inverted umbrella style trick tank plumbed to 6′ by 2″ metal drinker
SEF-2015-108 North Capitan HI for     , Ph. 1 need data
SEF-2015-109 Blue Lake Wetland Post & Pole Fence Construct new post and pole fence around Blue Lake Wedland
SEF-2015-201 Sacramento RD HSP Maintenance Annual maintenance of all HSP projects on the Sacramento RD for 2015
SEF-2015-202 Aspen Trick Tank Reconstruction and Adoption for Deer Adopt and repir to working order the Aspen Trick Tank.
SEF-2015-203 Buck Trick Tank for Deer Purchase and install 3500 gallon metal inverted umbrella style water storage tank and plumb to 6′ by 2′ metal drinker.
SEF-2015-204 Unit 34 Veg Herbicide Maint – Bluewater Phase for Deer Perform herbicide vegetation maintenace of 500 acres of previously cut wildlife openings each year to treat juniper resprouts.
SEF-2015-205 Sombrero Trick Tank for Deer replacement Replace and relocate aged dual use water project SEF-1993-036 with new 3,500 gallon metal inverted umbrella style tank plumbed to 6′ by 2′ metal drinker. New stucture will be single use only.
SEF-2015-301 Guadalupe RD HSP Maintenance Annual maintenance of all HSP projects on the Guadalupe RD for 2015
SEF-2015-304 E. Frijole PJ Openings for Deer Ph. 4 of 4 Thin PJ in 5 acre blocks to open canopy to increase forbs & grasses and to prepare for a future burn.
SEF-2015-305 Mailbox “B” PJ Openings for Deer, Ph. 1 Thinning PJ proliferation to increase browse for deer and allow for future prescribe fire. First of 6 phases of Mailbox Project.
SEF-2015-307 E. Frijole PJ Openings for Deer, Ph. 4 of 4 Final phase of the E. Frijole juniper thinning project. Cut 5 acres patches totaling approx 1475 acres withing 2000 acre project area.
SEF-2015-308 Val Verde Trick Tank for Installation of an inverted umbrella water storage tank, drinker, plumbing and wire fence enclosure.
SEF-2015-309 Sotolito Trick Tank for Installation of an inverted umbrella water storage tank, drinker, plumbing and wire fence enclosure.
SEF-2015-310 Palo Duro Trick Tank Installation of an inverted umbrella water storage tank, drinker, plumbing and wire fence enclosure.
Las Cruces BLM
Coronado NF
Gila NF
Project No. Project Name Proposed Description
SWBL-2015-001 Las Cruces HSP Maintenance Combining all LCDO manintenance in 1 proposal. Hiring technician to maintain 80 WATER CATCHMENTS & 24 enclosures throughout THE LCDO. This will ensure structures will function properly & benefin wildlife. MAINTENANCE WILL BE CONDUCTED BI-ANNUALLY.
SWBL-2015-329 Las Cruces Burns Project is of multiple RX burn proposals for deer, pronghorn and bighorn sheep habitat improvement. Other methods such as hand thinning and mechanical mastication can also be utlized until the next available RX window.
SWBL-2015-358 Jornada Creosote Spray for Pronghorn, Ph. 6 of 10 Jornada LS.  SPRAY UP TO 4000 ACRES OF CREOSOTE.  Request from QU as partner funds.
SWBL-2015-359 Otero Mesa Wildlife Waters Construct up to 30 wildlife watering units in the Otero Mesa Landscape area for deer, pronghorn, quail, small game and non-game species. Implement vegetation treatments including creosote and juniper to enhance wildlife habitat.
SWBL-2015-360 Bootheel HMP Areas Water Replacement and Upgrade for Bighorn Several old units are near their life expectancy and need to be replaced or upgraded to ensure continued water availability for wildlife.
SWFC-2015-001 Coronado HSP Maintenance Maintenance on existong HSP structures (xx structures)
SWFC-2015-002 Coronado Public Road Maintenance Improve public roads at Buckhorn and Blackwater to allow high ground clearance vehicles to travers roadway for sporting access and project management.
SWFC-2015-003 Cloverdale Trick Tank Relocation for Turkey Move 3,500 gallon inverted umbrella trick tank from wet meadow to a site more in need of water.
SWFC-2015-004 Cloverdale to Clanton Meadow Restorations for Turkey, Ph. 1 of 3 With chainsaws, remove encroaching woody vegetation from historic meadows and protect roost trees from fire.
SWFG-2015-001 Gila HSP Maintenance Maintenance on existong HSP structures (xx structures)
SWFG-2015-011 Gila Burns This proposal houses multiple burn blocks to allow flexibility in burning as prescription windows open on the Gila.
SWFG-2015-201 Animas Creek Cutthroat Restoration Apply piscicide to remove non-native fish from Animas Creek and re-stock with native Rio Grande Cutthroat Trout.
SWFG-2015-301 Slaughter Mesa Thinning for Elk, Ph. 4 of 5 This unit on the landscape is provides a elk calving/foraging area. The mechanical thinning of 556 acres of mostly pondo pine – would benefit: watershed, forage production, elk, pronghorn, small game species and reducing risk of wildfires.
SWFG-2015-501 Lake Roberts Sediment Removal, Ph. 4 With lake drawn down to repair spillway July 2013, NMDGF crews would remove silt around highly fished areas and place riprap to retard cattail growth.
SWFG-2015-701 Bar 6 Thin for Deer, Ph. 2 of 2 Within Burro Mountain project area.  Would consist of mechanical treatment.
**SWBL-2015-329 sub-burns that are ready if favorable conditions prevail: *SWFG-2015-001 sub-burns that are ready if favorable conditions prevail:
Big Hatchet of Bootheel PA Bar 6 #1 Burn Blk.
Caballo of Jornada PA Canovas Burn Blk.
Cookes Range of Cooke’s PA Dove Burn Blk.
Las Uvas Mtn Range East Centerfire Burn Blk.
Organ Mountain of Organ/Franklin PA Farm Flat Burn Block
Peloncillo Mtn. Burn of Bootheel PA Harris Burn, Ph. 2
Timberon Burn  of Sacramento PA Signal Pk. Blocks of Signal PA
general grassland maintenance burns Redstone Burn Blk.

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Gov Vetoed OHV Funding…

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Not real sure what happened here but we are trying to figure it out… Stuff like this drives me nuts..


I just got word of a disappointing action by the Governor. She vetoed the $150k appropriation from the OHV Trail Safety Fund for its appropriate uses.

She vetoed it just before the deadline on Friday. No word yet why.  When 500k from the OHV fund was raided and given to unrelated uses, she chose NOT to veto it, but when sportsmen worked to get 150k appropriated to the right use, she did veto it. Not the right way to go about things.



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Habitat Stamp Meetings

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Hey Everybody..

These are important… Please attend an be heard..


Citizens committees will meet to recommend Habitat Stamp projects

SANTA FE – The New Mexico Department of Game and Fish has scheduled statewide Habitat Stamp Citizens Advisory Committee meetings for 2013. Citizen advisors will prioritize habitat projects for 2014 and 2015. The public is welcome and encouraged to attend meetings:

  • Southwest: 9 a.m. April 9, Gila National Forest office, 3005 E. Camino Del Bosque, Silver City.
  • Southwest: 9 a.m. April 10, Las Cruces BLM office, 1800 Marquess St., Las Cruces.
  • Southeast: 10 a.m. April 27, U.S. Forest Service office, 4 Lost Lodge Road, Cloudcroft.
  • Northeast: 1 p.m. April 30, Santa Fe National Forest office, 11 Forest Lane, Santa Fe.
  • Central: 1 p.m. May 1, Socorro BLM office, 901 South Highway 85, Socorro.
  • Northwest: 1 p.m. May 4, U.S. Forest Service office, 664 East Broadway, Bloomfield.

Since its inception, citizens have been involved in every aspect of the program, advising which habitats are most in need of improvement. Appointed by the State Game Commission, citizens representing sporting, environmental, and public-land permittee interests meet each spring to prioritize local habitat projects.

The Habitat Stamp Program has an annual budget of $740,000 with the support of hunters, anglers and trappers who purchase a $5 stamp each year to participate in their sports on Bureau of Land Management or U.S. Forest Service lands.

In the 27-year life of the program, 2,179 wildlife habitat projects have been funded at more than $40 million. In that effort, the program has contributed $17.9 million and federal agencies have spent $19.5 million in matching funds in cash, planning costs, fiscal tracking, documenting, and obtaining archeological and cultural clearances. Since it first was tracked in 1999, other organizational contributions have contributed $2.7 million in time and cash.

During its life, the Habitat Stamp Program has improved more than 793,505 acres of habitat, enhanced more than 11,000 acres of riparian habitat, built 760 places for wildlife to obtain water, completed 710 wildlife population and habitat surveys, completed 17 transplants of bison, pronghorn, and turkey, improved 86 fishing areas, maintained previously built structures 8,529 times, installed 805 erosion control structures, reduced human impacts on wildlife, improved enjoyment of wildlife, and much more.

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Duck Dynasty…

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This is by far one of the funniest things I have every seen.


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