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My New Intro for my Videos

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Well,  thanks to the birthday present from my in-laws, I got a new video editing package… SOOOO I am going to try some new stuff..

Here is the first draft of my New Introduction..


Silver City Deer Info: Meeting 2/28/2012

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Sorry I have been such a slacker on this deal…

It looks like we are getting one step closer in helping manage the deer population in Silver City…  I have posted the proposal before but if you want to see it again follow this LINK.

Also one of the cool things that  might be happening is,if you hunt in CERTAIN UNITS during the archery seasons and you are not successful you will be able to turn those bucks tags into doe tags IF you hunt in a certain area.


Town of Silver City Council Meeting, 6 p.m. Tuesday, Grant County Administration Center, 1400 Hwy 180 E. On the agenda: Deer management for the Silver City area by the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish;

2012 Archery Javelina!! Success

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I love me some Javelina….



SB 33, More Sheep Tags for Auction!

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Looks like they are going to increase the Sheep Auction tags from 2 to 4.  Overall, I think this is pretty good..

You can see the bill by following this link..

SB 33




My Gear List!!!

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This is a tough one because my gear list changes pretty often. Also, like many outdoorsman, I used to wish for the days that I could say I was sponsored and get gear for free or at a discounted rate but when those days did come, it was with very mixed emotions. Right or wrong when you are sponsored you really loose your ability to call things like you see them. Needless to say I now happily sponsor free.

Fortunately, I have a job and a wife that allow me to buy a few things every year. So, where do I spend my money or what do I think is the most important part of my gear? To be honest the most important thing can’t be purchased, you need to have desire. Desire to never give up, Desire to prove to yourself that given a task you can accomplish it, Desire to do whatever it takes to get an animal on the ground.

As much as I hate to admit it there have been times when I have done things that haven’t always been safe and haven’t been smart. I have tried to “win by attrition”. I suspect my mom is going to read this so I will not got into detail but just take my word for it.

I am no Rambo but I love the scene below:


So what does my archery gear list look like??

  • Hoyt Carbon Element – Shoot a bow that you shoot well, don’t believe everything you read.
  • Easton – 400 FMJ’s – Solid, heavy, tough
  • Silver Flames – 100 gr originals; I did try the ABS heads and I had issues; I need to try the new heads
  • Spot Hogg or CBE Tek-Hunter – I use the Spot Hogg on hunts that I might be beating the bush, like my Bear hunt and I use the CBE for hunt like my treestand Coues Deer hunt.
  • Kuiu – What makes this company different is that they don’t’ use the same materials as everybody else and just cut them differently and call it something new. KUIU uses a material called Torey and these guys are really on to something good.
  • Nikon Range Finder – Rifle Hunter; solid and dependable
  • Leica – 10×42 BN GREAT GLASS
  • Swarovski – 15×56 GREAT GLASS, used for long range hardcore glassing.
  • Osprey and Crooked Horn – My Scouting and bivy sack pack is an Osprey 65; light fast mean My hunting pack is a Crooked Horn Fanny pack;small, forces me to carry what I NEED.

Desert Bighorn Skull Auction!!!!!

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SANTA FE – Eight desert bighorn sheep skulls and horns that were recovered from ranges in southern New Mexico go up for sale this week in a silent auction at the Department of Game and Fish office in Santa Fe and at Bob Gerding’s Hunting & Fishing Show in Albuquerque.


The skulls, six rams and two ewes, became available for sale in November 2011 when the State Game Commission removed desert bighorn sheep from the state threatened and endangered species list. Protected game animals and their skulls are the property of the state. Proceeds from the auctions will be used to augment the Department’s bighorn sheep restoration program.


Those interested in bidding on the skulls and horns can see them and make a bid Wednesday and Thursday at the Department office at 1 Wildlife Way off Caja del Rio Road next to the Marty Sanchez Golf Course. Friday through Sunday, the skulls will be at the Gerding Show at the Manuel Lujan Building at Expo New Mexico, the state fairgrounds. Admission to the show is $8 for adults and free to children ages 11 and younger.


Bidding for the first four skulls will close at 4:30 p.m. Saturday and bidding for the remaining skulls will close at 3:30 p.m. Sunday. Winning bidders will be able to pick up their skulls and pay for them Feb. 13-17 at Department offices in Santa Fe or Albuquerque

NMWF Legislative Update

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Sportsmen’s concerns register at Legislature

With this legislative session half over, bills affecting New Mexico sportsmen could start moving quickly, which means hunters and anglers need to be ready to respond.

Already it appears that sportsmen have had a positive impact. Members of the House Taxation and Revenue Committee told NMWF this week they had heard overwhelming opposition to House Bill 24, a bill that would negatively change the Habitat Stamp program and cause the Department of Game and Fish to lose $150,000 a year. Bill sponsor Rep. William Rehm of Albuquerque failed to appear at the Tax and Revenue Committee hearing on Monday, forcing postponement. On Wednesday he asked that the bill be pulled off that day’s calendar, and on Friday it was not heard. So it isn’t clear when – or if – HB 24 will come up for a hearing again, but the clock is ticking down and the bill’s chances of getting through the Legislature look dimmer every day.

Unfortunately, a measure paving the way for the sale of the Marquez Wildlife Management Area in Unit 9 passed its first committee hearing in the House this week. State law requires legislative approval for a state agency to sell property worth more than $100,000. House Joint Memorial 7 would give the Game Commission permission to sell the Marquez before a sale price has been negotiated, without further legislative approval or oversight, with no time limit and no promise that the public will be involved in the decision. The Marquez is managed for high quality elk and deer hunting, and while the number of licenses is limited, all New Mexico hunters have an opportunity to try for a tag. (Thanks to Senate Bill 196 last year, all wildlife management area elk licenses are reserved for New Mexico residents.) The Game Commission voted in November against entering negotiations to sell the Marquez, but if HJR 7 passes there would be nothing to stop the commission from selling it in the future.The bill’s next stop is the House Voters and Elections Committee. It wouldn’t hurt for sportsmen to send Committee Chairwoman Mary Helen Garcia an email stating your opposition to HJR 7. Write her at

The legislative session ends at noon on Thursday, Feb. 16. For the latest updates from Santa Fe, visit the Legislative Watch section of our website. Click here, or go to