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Archery In the Schools – Raton

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I pulled this from the Raton Post… Good Stuff


Archery program draws greater interest
By Bob Morris, Sports Editor
• Fri, Apr 22, 2011

Four years ago, the Archery in the Schools program came to Raton Middle School — and since then, interest in the program has risen dramatically.

Raton middle and high schools, along with Cimarron, Des Moines, Mosquero, Springer, Clayton and Mora have all formed teams this year, accounting for nine of the 22 school statewide that have registered to participate in the state archery tournament, organized by the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish.
“I think when people see the program, they want to try it,” said Clint Henson of the Game and Fish Raton office. “The kids get excited, the teachers want to try it, the parents want to try it.”
In particular, the program appeals to students who may not have interest in other physical education activities, said RHS PE teacher Brian Saccomanno.
“Some of the kids who are reluctant to participate (in other activities) are the ones who really go along with it,” he said. “They really seem to buy into it and it reflects on their attitude in PE in general.”
Saccomanno added many who participate enjoy outdoors activities, so they find archery enjoyable.
He noted the sport not only encourage physical activity, but also helps students learn other skills. “You have all these steps they have to follow,” Saccomanno said. “It forces them to really focus on a single task.”
The national Archery in the Schools program first came to New Mexico in 2008, with Raton Middle School one of 15 schools who received a grant for free archery equipment. The program has grown to 22 schools since then, with nearly half of those schools in northeastern New Mexico.
“It’s wonderful to see the interest in the program,” Henson said. “It’s such a good opportunity for Game and Fish to get into the schools and build relationships with the kids.”
The program first came to Raton High School last year and Saccomanno said turnout at first was “disappointing,” but that changed this year. “The kids who experience it at the middle school really made it happen and we had a full team of 12,” he said.
“It was something I was excited about getting back here this spring,” Saccomanno added. “It’s something we are going to sustain as long as they’ll have us.”
Raton and Cimarron both competed in their state event April 15 at RHS. The archery program’s state competition does not feature teams competing at a central location, but each school’s team competes at the respective school or other location. Henson said all teams must register by April 15 and have competitions completed by April 29 to be eligible for state competition.
After April 29, all reported scores determine which schools are the best in the state. Currently, Des Moines is the top team in northeastern New Mexico with 2,860 of a possible 3,600 points. Henson noted Des Moines is “200 points above all others in the area” that have completed competitions. Springer is the second highest in the area with 2,627 points.
In the competition, every archer fires 15 arrows at 10 meters and 15 more arrows at 20 meters. An archer can score one to 10 points for each arrow that hits the target for a maximum possible amount of 300 points. Each team has up to 12 members.
Last year, the Raton Middle School team placed third out of 16 schools and the high school team placed fifth. Springer’s Kyra Laumbach, who was a seventh-grader last year, had the highest individual score among girls statewide.

The program started in 2001 in Kentucky and has expanded to include in nearly every state and in Canada. Henson said plans are to ultimately have a state champion team in New Mexico attend a national tournament.

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HELLLOOO EVERYBODY!!!!! Just another quick video update…

Wilderness Athlete Challenge!!!

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Hey Guys…

Is this a shameless plug for Wilderness Athlete Products???  Hmm… not real sure but a few months ago Wilderness Athlete sent out a “Challenge” on its Facebook page basically announcing the start of a new “Life Style Change” Challenge.  I say challenge because it isn’t really a competition and the only winners are those that make the investment into themselves.  AS SOON as the post was made there was a ton of people that signed up and made promises of “Changing their EVIL WAYS”.  The only catch was that they would need to keep everybody up to speed on their progress on the Facebook page… WELL, after all was said and done it looks like Duran Martinez and I are the only ones that really stepped up.

So what is this big program that Wilderness Athlete has put together?? I will be absolutely honest in saying that it isn’t anything special.   I post it when I get approval from WA but in my owns words it basically breaks down to; Eat More Protein, Processed foods are the DEVIL, and Get off You Butt and Do ANYTHING!!!

See pretty easy…

So what is my plan??? Well, I have been in and out of the gym for the last few years but I only got serious for a brief period of time before my mountain lion hunt.  So I felt like I needed to start by building a solid baseline.  I think Arnold S. once something to the effect that in order for us to get better we need to do stuff that we hate to do.  For me I HATE doing cardio.   I just don’t have a runners body and I just don’t enjoy it.  I can lift ALL day but cardio is a pain.

My plan was to do some sort of cardio on M-W-F and lift on Tues-Thurs and hit the hills on Saturday.  My Goals??? Just to start doing it… I really didn’t have a solid baseline that I could set goals.

As you guys know I travel a lot for  work so being on the road is/was going to be one of my big barriers.  It is just hard to eat healthy while you are traveling.  I always want to make smart decision when I am on the road but it is just difficult. SOOO What is my secret weapon?  Well, it really isn’t a secret.  Just pack extra food when I am on the road and if it is a choice between a Gut-Bomb or a Meal Replacement Shake choose the shake.  I also need to find a way of staying on track or a way of holding myself accountable.  For me it was making the  WA Challenge public.  I have been using a website called as a way of tracking my workouts.  It posts my workouts to my Facebook page so others can track my progress or lack of progress.

SO…. Lets talk about my initial workouts…

M-W-F…  Cardio Days – For the record, I used a Treadmill, Elliptical Machine and a Stationary Bike.  I know I know nothing to sexy but I am focusing on CARDIO…  My goal was to not worry about distance but to focus on my heart rate and training zones.  After my warm-up I wanted to get my heart rate around 80%-90% of my Max Heart Rate for at least 30 minutes.  Why did I choose 30 minutes and why 80%-90%??? Well, I did a ton of research and this looked like a good place to start.  When I first started getting my heart rate into my training zone was pretty easy, basically because I was out of shape.

Tues-Thurs… – Weights- Pull and Push routines…I wanted to start with basic COMPOUND movements.  Also,  one of my goals was to be done with my workout within 1 hour.  I figure that if I am in the gym any longer than that I am messing around and not being intense enough.

Tues – Back, Biceps and Abs. – Again COMPOUND movements.  I will get into the details later but just think, Pull-downs, Barbell Curls, Planks.

Thursday – Chest, Delts and Triceps… — Think  Dumbbell Presses, Dips, Pec Dec,

Okay so that is the basic plan with, I will give more details later but I just wanted to get this started.

Oh yeah.. Saturdays.. ALL ABOUT THE MOUNTAINS…

Take Care and Stay Tuned.