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Okay… I don’t know if I spelled “Movida” correctly but those in Northern New Mexico know what I am trying to say… :*)  A movida is basically good old boy politics or someone trying to pull a “fast one”.

I pulled the below article from the AP…

NM Supreme Court rejects state trust land swaps

Posted at: 01/25/2011 11:08 AM
By: The Associated Press

SANTA FE, N.M. (AP) – The New Mexico Supreme Court has rejected the exchange of state trust land for private land around White Peak in northeastern New Mexico, ruling the State Land Office did not follow a requirement for public auction of trust lands.

Former state Land Commissioner Patrick Lyons negotiated the land exchanges in 2009, but Attorney General Gary King challenged them since the land swaps had not been done by auction.

King had alleged Lyons violated New Mexico’s Enabling Act in approving the swap of 7,205 acres of trust land for 3,330 acres of ranch land owned by David Stanley.

Stanley had no comment Monday until he can read the Supreme Court decision.

Lyons says the Land Office followed the procedures used in a many other trust land exchanges.

(Copyright 2011 by The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved.)

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This is good news… It looks like people are starting to get nervous in Santa Fe and people are starting to ask questions.

As you guys know Oryx, Sheep and Ibex don’t abide by the 78%-22% Resident to Non-resident quotas that the rest of the draw species go by… It is basically a free for all.  UNLIKE MOST States Residents don’t have any advantage for these species.  In fact, there have been some years that most of these tags go to NR.

So Todd Stevenson asked for an opinion for the Attorney Generals Office on the impacts of federal legislation on this ruling.  WELL, The good news is that it looks like the exclusion of Oryx, Ibex and Sheep from the state quotas doesn’t have merit anymore.  The below link takes you to the PDF…. It is a pretty interesting read.

Attorney General’s Opinion

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Please forward to all bowhunters in your address book.
In case you don’t know yet, the UBNM has backed this bill.  Details about what we have done and continue to do to “back” the bill will follow at a later time.  Here’s our official position.

The bill accomplished three things for the NM resident hunter:

1) Increases resident allocation of tags from 78% of total tags to
90% of total tags for all species except Bighorns, Ibex and Oryx.

2) Addresses the revenue issue by mandating that all applicants buy a general hunting license.  Most residents do this already.  Most residents and non-residents do this in other western states for which they apply as a NR. Our $90 NR general hunting license is more than competitively priced when compared to Arizona’s $151.25 NR general hunting license.

3) It lowers resident tag costs by a few dollars.

The UBNM was willing and eager to discuss possible compromises with members of “The Coalition”, namely the NM Cattlegrowers and the NM Council for Guides and Outfitters.  Apparently, some discussions regarding compromise occured, but the UBNM was not invited.  Perhaps these groups didn’t feel the UBNM was significant enough to pose a threat???

In any case, the bill was written without the UBNM having the ability to help design it.  We’re fine with that.  In it’s current form the bill will improve the system when compared to how the system is designed today.  The UBNM was founded on the idea of continual improvement.

As expected, this bill will be met with major opposition from “Coalition” forces including the NM Council for Guides and Outfitters, the NM Cattlegrower’s Association, the NM Houndsmen, The NM Woolgrowers and others.  I want to make it clear that the UBNM has nothing against any of these groups.  They are fighting to protect their position as we will fight to advance ours.  In the future I hope to work with these groups to accomplish other changes and bring forth further improvements.

The fundamental difference between the UBNM and the other groups mentioned here is this:
Their organization is tied directly to their livlihood.  To most of us, bowhunting is a passion, but one that costs us money (a lot usually) instead of making us money.
For that simple reason these groups fight long and hard.  It is because of their relentless efforts that the great State of NM employs game laws that are not only biased, but sometimes reckless.   You won’t find a “Jenning’s Law” in Colorado or Wyoming.  For way too long game laws in this state have been influenced, written and enforced in the interest of politically active groups that did not include BOWHUNTERS.  Things have now changed and your support is more appreciated than I could ever express in words.  The UBNM will do our best to show our appreciation of your support through results!
Jesse W. Deubel
(505) 440-2621
UBNM – President
PS – As always, if you have comments, questions or concerns regarding ways that the UBNM can work to improve bowhunting in NM, you can call me directly.

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Draw Deadline Discussion!!!!

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If you have been tracking things on the ‘Net you have probably heard all the consipracy theroies regarding the Draw Deadline…. WELL, thanks the NMWF here is the audio from the last meeting…  I should add the that acutal vote isn’t on the discussion but it was approved..


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Let me first say that my thoughts and prayers go out to all those involved in the shooting… There are truly no winners in this tragedy.

Several people have asked me what my views are on the shooting. Obviously, I am a outdoorsman and guns are a tool that I often use.  I will be honest in saying that I have always had some internal strife regarding handguns and guns like the AR-15 for personal use.  Handguns were developed to conceal, bottom line.  Military style guns were developed to kill people, bottom line.

That being said there are a lot of people that are using handguns for person defense.  I am one of those people.  I very regularly have a handgun on me,  a Taurus Judge if you are interested.  For me, the bottom line is that if I am with my loved ones and all hell breaks loose I would feel guilty if I couldn’t protect myself and my loved ones.  It is a choice that I am making to be proactive in my personal defense.  I hope that I never have to pull my handgun in personal defense but if I am forced to, I am prepared to use it.   IMO, the ability to take the life of another human being isn’t something to be proud of or even brag about but given the choice of me or an assailant, the assailant is will loose every-time.

Now what about military style rifles like the AR-15.  I think that there is a lot of bravado and machismo with these rifles.     They are intimidating and I deal with guns just about everyday.  Do I have an AR?  No, I don’t.  My logic is that in an event of a home invasion or a situation where I could use an AR.  I would use my handgun to buy me enough time to get to my shotgun.  IMO a shotgun is a much better self-defense tool than a AR.  Now what about as a hunting weapon?  Well, I think that they would be a GREAT predator weapon!  As far as a big-game rifle?  I guess, but as a general rule these rifles are not as accurate as a bolt-action rifle.  What about the ability to send numerous rounds downrange? Personally, I have never seen an animal that gives you more than 5 shots before he has moved out of the country.

So, where does this leave us?  I completely support the way the current laws are completely written.  So now you are going to ask, “Would additional legislation have prevented the shootings in Arizona?”.  To this I say, Hell No!!!!  This isn’t a failure of guns laws this is a failure of our Mental Health System.  This guy was the typical “Lone Wolf” that was spurred into action by the prodding of a larger group.  This was bound to happen, there is NO DOUBT that groups like the Tea Party and certain elements of the Republican Party have absolutely been ratcheting up the rhetoric.  This guy was nuts and he didn’t have the ability to separate the “Rallying Cry” from the actual “Battle”.    I am not saying that this guy should be let-off the hook, he should be held accountable.   What I am saying is that those that that consider themselves leaders need to realize that people really take their rhetoric to heart and they must choose their words carefully.

This guy was hell-bent and crazy, if it wasn’t a gun it would have been a car, if it wasn’t a car it would have been a knife, if it wasn’t a knife it would have been his fists.  In other words, you can’t fix crazy, this guy should have been institutionalized way before  this happened.

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Ok… So, It might be time to get on my soap box! As you guys know last year I shot a Mountain Lion and it was a great experience. So it thought that it would be fun to see if I could add something to my species list every year. So I started looking around for opportunities. Well, Cabelas Adventures must have been reading my mind because I just got the new adventure catalog. So I scoured the pages looking for a good opportunity. So I came across an adventure that I wanted to find some more information about. It was on a Indian Reservation that I am somewhat familiar with so I called Cabelas. It took awhile to get a return call but it did happen. So I was asking the standard questions… The Who, What, When, Why, and How, NO BIG DEAL! I told the guy that I live close to the Reservation and that I wanted to bring my travel trailer. He said sure,”But dont’ expect any discounts, the price is the price.” It wasn’t what he said because I get, it these outfitters setup a camp for the entire season, so they have to pay support staff whether I sleep in their bunks or not but was how he said it. After that I could sense our conversation was going to go downhill fast. I continued to ask him the standard questions. NOTHING CRAZY!!! And I just got more and more attitude from him. It became real obvious that this guy really didn’t give a crap about helping me book this hunt. So I said, “Can I have references for these guys?” He didn’t say yes or no all he said was that I should contact the tribe directly with all of my questions. He gave me the number and then sounded happy as hell to be done with me.

Ok, I can deal with a smart-ass but he didn’t know me and to be honest he is in a “Service Industry”.  Until he as earned my respect he needs to prove himself.  My dad used to say, “Respect takes a long time to earn but it can be lost in seconds.”.  I am about to drop about $6,000 on a hunt this year and I will probably drop that much every year for a long time.  I can spend my money with whomever I want and to be honest the only reason I was even considering booking with Cabelas was so I could earn points on my Credit Card. :) I am not expecting this guy to grovel but damn he should have acted like he gave a crap about my experience.  With this short 5 minute call this guy could have sealed an easy$60,000 of my business over the next ten years but his “give a damn attitude” not only turned me off but I am going to tell everybody I know about this negative experience.

So, what finally happened?   Well, I did my own research and I found a great outfitter on the Res for about $1,2500 LESS that what Cableas was going to charge me.  AND Guess WHAT???? I am going to bring my own damn travel trailer…. Not for the discount but because I snore and I don’t want to get voted out of camp :)  Ask my Mexican Coues Deer Camp mates…

Train to Hunt!!!

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Hey Guys…

If you have been following the website lately then you have noticed that I am really getting into running… Yes, I know I don’t look like a runner but that is why I do it.  I have crazy farm boy strength but I have no cardio…. It is just how I was born.  So Dan Staton has really been a role model for me getting my carcass in gear.  He is starting a new website called “Train to Hunt”

Here is his Promotional Video…

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End to the AZ Season.

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Well, tag soup in Arizona.  Okay,some background… The unit that I had hunted earlier in the season was closed in December so I had to find something in the southern part of the state to hunt. Thank God, I have a good buddy in Tucson that helped me out with some good spots.  So, I left the pines behind and headed for the desert.  This was going to be totally different.  In the desert there really aren’t any funnels or travel corridors, everything is basically flat.

So you are basically left with two options; sit water and let them come to you or spot and stalk.  Well, we had setup some cameras and we were getting one buck coming into a tank during the night but the does were coming in during the day.  The hope was that these does would eventually have a buck in-tow.  Well, it hadn’t rained for 3 months… Until I showed up.  Either way I was seeing does and a few stink pigs.. BUT then the Mule Deer Gods started tempting me.  As you know I am trying to finish my Coues Slam with a Coues Deer in AZ.  SOOOOO I am really holding out for a Coues but then this guy showed up… UGH!!!  I have never seen a Mulie like this on the hoof.  Man, he is nice….  I have never been worked up over a mulie like this before…  His body size is just something that I am not used to, DANG!!!  SOOO, What happened.. Well, I spent the next few days glassing and following does hoping that he would show up.  NOTHING!!!!  But you never know it could have happened…

Sooo… it was a great season. I learned a ton about different country and I am ready to get back at it.