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More Trail Cam Pics…

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Hey Everybody..

Well… it is almost game time… The big game results should be out in about 9 days… Hopefully, we will get notified earlier but this is last time I will check my cameras before I get my results.  Once I figure out where I will be hunting then I am switching my cameras to that unit.  In the meantime, I pulled some cameras from a unit that I don’t really hunt…  I got some good pictures, one thing that I did find out is that there are very few mulies in this area… All Coues Deer.. hmm…. except for the Lion, Coyotes,  and Foxes!!!!  :)

So how about some pictures????

How about a nice 85 inch’ish Coues Deer?

Hopefully, this guy will keep growing…

WOW, This Doe looks ROUGH!!!!

Look at how Cute my little Coues Deer are…

Grrr… Dang Coyotes…

Hey Foxy Momma…

A Nice Cat… He better not make a mistake next year… :)

Thanks for reading… Good Luck on all the draws…


Black Creek in the Gila!!!

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Hey Guys..

Money is always a good thing… It looks like Black Creek is going to get money to help with stream restoration.  If you don’t know Black Creek has one of the few populations of fish-able Gila Trout….

Follow this link


SLO Commissioner Forum!!!

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Hey Everybody….

This is important…. There are going to be two forums that will let us ask questions of those that are running for the SLO Commissioners Office…   I got this from NM Wildlife…. If you can make it please attend..  There will be a meeting in Las Cruces and Albuquerque.

Ongoing efforts by the State Land Office to trade heavily utilized hunting areas and wildlife habitat around Whites Peak in northern New Mexico have demonstrated the important role the Commissioner of Public Lands plays in providing access to the state’s 9 million acres of trust land. The commissioner makes decisions – not subject to legislative review – affecting access to hunting and fishing and wildlife habitat on millions of acres in New Mexico.

While the Whites Peak trades are now on hold following legal action by the New Mexico Attorney General, sportsmen are watching more closely than ever before the upcoming race for the next Commissioner of Public Lands.

Please join New Mexico hunters and anglers and all five candidates for Commissioner of Public Lands at a Sportsmen’s Forum from 7-9:30 p.m., Wednesday, May 12, at the State Bar of New Mexico, 5121 Masthead N.E., in Albuquerque (click here for a map). Candidates will be questioned by a coalition of the state’s most active sportsmen’s groups on issues ranging from public access on state trust lands to open government. The forum is non-partisan and open to all members of the public.

Las Cruces-area sportsmen will hold a similar forum from 6:30-8:30 p.m. Thursday, May 20, at the New Mexico Farm and Ranch Museum.

For more information on either event, please contact Joel Gay at the New Mexico Wildlife Federation, (505) 299-5404 or

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Some Trail Cam Pics!!!

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Sorry for the long delay guys, I have been a road warrior for the last few months.  Everything is great but I really haven’t had a chance to get to some of my cameras.  I tried a few weeks ago and I just ended up burying the Duramax in a huge snow drift…

All I have to say is that there are a ton of nice mulies on this flat… DANG… There are about 16 does cruising the area so I am sure they are just checking out the ladies…

A Nice Mulie….

Look at this old bruiser…


Okay… Are you getting the point???   There are a lot of nice mulies in this country…

Look at these two Coues Deer Bucks… NICE…

Look at how cute these little Coues Deer are…

Cisco… Chasing squirrels

The First Shed of the Year..

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