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More Intel….

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As I type this we are getting hit with a ton of snow…. They think we are going to get another 6 inches in the lower country.  To be honest, as long as I can get to my hunting spots I really don’t mind the snow….  I really try to refine my clothing selection so I can stay warm and dry during the hunt.  This year I wearing some stuff from Buckwear and StormKloth.  So far so good, for me the the key is not getting too hot while walking into the stand.  Some of my spots are pretty far in and you can really work up a sweat so I need to make sure that I don’t start the hike with too much clothing.  If case you are wondering Max-1 is the camo I usually wear…. I trust it.

So what have I been seeing out there???  Well, there is alot of snow and all the water sources are frozen.  The deer are also starting to scrape pretty heavily.  I found what looks like an old mining road that has about 8 scrapes in about a 200 yard line.  I think that is going to be my Number 1 spot.  It is on the top of a little knob….

The Road and a Glove… :)

A Scrape

Scrapes in a bedding area

I also found a pretty cool little Corral in a different area that has a little spring next to it…. I put a camera in this spot… Hopefully something shows up….

The Corral

The Spring

How about a mule deer that I picked up on camera???

Interesting Camera Pick-up!

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I am sure some of you saw this but I wanted to put it in my blog for archival purposes….  I picked up Zulu on one of my trail cameras last week.  Zulu is the dog that was lost with Robert Sumrall.  There is now a $4,000 finders fee on this dog so I am sure people are going to really start looking for him.  I just hope nobody gets hurt in the process.  I have some very strong feelings on Sumrall and they aren’t very positive so I will keep them to myself.  This dog is lost for no reason other than ignorance of his owner.

Here is the original picture that where I got the dog on camera.


You can read the story by following this link:


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Things are picking up!!!!

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Things are starting to pick-up!!!  I wanted to see if I could find some Coues Deer in some lower country so I strapped on my boots and went for a little hike… My GPS said I covered 4.2 miles but it was in pretty flat country so it wasn’t too bad.

The picture below is from a little area that gets very little sun, it is in a deep canyon.  I have seen deer in here before but for some reason there was very little sign.  Maybe a Mountain Lion moved in, I am not sure but those deer are GONE – GONE, not just gone..


SOOOO  I bailed out of that area and decided to hit a spot in the Black Range.  Let me first say that there are spots in the Black Range that has never seen a human footprint.  It is rough BIG Country and no matter were you start walk everything is STRAIGHT up or STRAIGHT down.  I personally think that there are deer in there that die of OLD AGE.  It is great country but it is just very tough to hunt.  I have seen deer but I can’t figure out where or if they scrape.  I think it would be a nice area for a rifle hunter.  Anyway, below are a few pictures.




Okay so enough of that stuff!!!! How about some deer info???  Well, deer are starting to make rub lines, if you have never seen a rub line below is a picture of what they look like.  Pretty small, aren’t they?


NOW have about some scrapes…  The particular scrape below wasn’t hit in the last day or so it probably isn’t a primary scrape but it is along a nice trail.  In two trips into that area I have found a total of 5 scrapes and they are all in the same general area.  So there definitely a buck working in the area.  SNC00097

While hiking around I also found this nice skull.  I took some pictures, then wrapped in a plastic bag so I could pick it up legally after the season.  It probably goes around a 100 inches…  NICE…


There is another area that I scouted all summer that I am still thinking about hunting but the only problem is that there is alot of snow up there and we are expecting a foot of snow tonight…  I still might try to make it up there but it is a huge commitment to get in there…45 Minute Drive, 1 hour on the 4 Wheeler and then 30 Minutes hiking….


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Almost Show Time!!!

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As many of you know I drew a late season Coues Deer tag in Unit 24.  It isn’t my favorite Unit but I will need to make due.  Some say that there are Coues Deer all over the Unit and to some extent that is very true, the hard part is finding nice pockets of deer so you can do a little shopping before you decide to let the arrow fly.  I won’t lie and I will say that I have had a hard time finding good pockets of deer. I have found a few deer here and there but nothing like I have seen in AZ or in other Units.  We have also had some pretty good storms that have left a lot snow in the high-country. One of my spots is under a foot of snow right now, I am not sure if the deer are going to move out or if I can even get to the country that I want to hunt.  Time will tell, I plan on heading out this weekend to do some serious scouting.

In the meantime how about a few pics?


I scattered a little Buck Urine to see if I could gets some bucks to cross this little saddle…  Well, it worked, Kind of.  These are two TINY Coues deer….  This picture was taken on the 15th and you can see that there Tarsal Glands are clean as can be…  GRRRR…..


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The New Proc is Posted!!!

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Hey Everybody…

Just a heads up… The new Game and Fish Proc is out…

You can view it by following this link… BUT before you click on it be aware that it is a large PDF that will be downloaded…


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