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NM Wildlife on TV!

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These are always a pretty good view…. One of these days I will have my own TV Program… :)




ALBUQUERQUE — Tiger muskies, Mexican wolves and fall fishing on the Rio Grande are among the topics being covered in August by “New Mexico Wildlife,” the video magazine now televised by the Department of Game and Fish.

Using a name familiar to newspaper and magazine readers for decades, the Department television program strives to illustrate the great outdoor opportunities available in the state. The program is scheduled to be broadcast nearly statewide at 6:30 a.m. on KASA Fox 2 from now until Dec. 26.

In August, the program will broadcast the following segments:

Saturday, Aug. 1:

Learn to identify the state’s four species of quail; survey Bluewater Lake for giant tiger muskies; create “Make Do Green Chile Stew” with Dan Brooks, the Cast Iron Ranger; and explore the Guadalupe Scenic Byway in Southeastern New Mexico.

Saturday, Aug. 8:

Experience fall fly-fishing on the Rio Grande and winter bass fishing at Ute Lake; use mules to pack Mexican wolves into the Gila Wilderness; and bake sourdough biscuits in the Dutch oven.

Saturday, Aug. 15:

Take a guided elk hunt in the Mount Taylor area; bring back the Zuni Bluehead Sucker from near extinction; absorb the beauty of La Frontera Scenic Byway in northeastern New Mexico; and bake a Cowboy Calzone.

Saturday, Aug. 22:

Trap and relocate Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep; hunt quail on opening day in southeastern New Mexico; enjoy an award winning restoration project; and learn how to marinate wild game meat.

Saturday; Aug. 29:

Celebrate National Hunting and Fishing Day; cast for 18-inch rainbow trout at Tingley Beach; learn what it takes to restore quail habitat; and make some award-winning salsa.

“New Mexico Wildlife” segments also are available 24-7 on

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Dumbest Fish in America??

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This is an interesting article about the San Juan…. This guy is saying that the Juan has the Dumbest Fish in America….  Hmm… That is an interesting point of view.  I think fish for fish those are some of the smartest fish in America… I think he fails to take into account that there are 20,000 per mile… That is a ton of fish…

AND THEN…. ESPN calls the Gila Trout fishing HARD?  HUH??? Cutt’s are the easiest fish to catch….

Brother Please…


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Officer of the Year

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This is pretty cool… These guys have a tough job…



SANTA FE — Phil Howes, the Department of Game and Fish conservation officer stationed in Pecos, has been named New Mexico Wildlife Officer of the Year, a prestigious award sponsored by the conservation organization Shikar-Safari Club International.

Howes, 40, has been a conservation officer in Pecos for nine years, working with the community to promote wildlife management and law enforcement. His day-to-day duties include horseback patrols in the Pecos Wilderness, monitoring the Pecos bighorn sheep herd, and educating the community about coexisting with bears and other wildlife.

“Phil’s work with his local community and wildlife biologists has been greatly appreciated by all who have had the pleasure to work with him,” said Chris Neary, the Department’s Northeast Area Assistant Chief. “He is a great representative for the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish.”

Howes earned a masters degree in Wildlife Science from New Mexico State University.

Shikar-Safari Club International was founded in 1952 by an international group of hunters interested in exchanging ideas about the sport. Each year, the club sponsors an award for the Wildlife Officer of the Year in all 50 states, 10 Canadian provinces and the territories of both nations. Shikar-Safari is recognized worldwide for its efforts in the protection, enhancement and preservation of wildlife, and has placed particular emphasis on endangered and threatened species through the promotion of enforcement of conservation laws and regulations

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